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Snowing in Haiti

Location: Haitian Border
Date: 11/2/2010
I get picked up at a park, where the bus driver dropped me, promising Francisco would soon be there. Ten minutes passed, and finally a young girl eyeing me from the street garnered enough courage to approach me.
I explained my friend was coming to pick me up. When she asked for further explanation it only exhausted her, and her deep brown eyes widened in horror when she supposed I was lost— or at least at a different park than my friend thought. I tried, much to my dismay, to assure her I was in the right spot—-faith, after all—-but she Continue reading ‘Snowing in Haiti’ »

“In Transit”

Location: Santo Domingo through Western Dominican
Date: 11/2/2010
The ride to camp was easy enough. What started out a promise to fly over the great island in helicopter luxury, waking at 4:30 AM for the opportunity, ended as a 6 hour long bus ride to a town and a car drive through the roaring border. The night before, as always when traveling, I disregarded many suggestions to look into hotels, not locating sleeping quarters till I arrived. Any shoestring traveler recognizes the wisdom of this move. My bank account was drained, long since committed to providing basic needs while searching for a spiritually (though ultimately not financially) rewarding goal. Why Continue reading ‘“In Transit”’ »


Location: Philadelphia to Santo Domingo
Date: 9/2/2010

The plane thumps and rumbles as it squirms away from Philadelphia’s turbulent grasp. Last time I was on land, DC Federal Agencies had been closed for days, and the coming blizzard swallows any chance for improvement. With mass transit immobilized, authority figures absent,
and 10 foot high snow drifts, our nation’s capital seems more like a zombie theme park than the brain of a Western super-power. The mind of our great country is little more than a puttering arctic wasteland; and words like “emergency situation” and “indefinite closings” exacerbate the contrast. Continue reading ‘“Infrastructure”’ »