Census Bureau responds to the Sikh Petition

Washington DC, March 13th, 2010: Finally, after a month of waiting, UNITED SIKHS received the first response  from the Census Bureau to the Petition submitted by them to the Office of Management and Budget and the Census Bureau.

In the response, the Bureau said, “With Census Day less than one month away, it is too late to change our procedure for classifying “Sikh” responses to the 2010 Census question on race, without extreme cost and risk to Census Bureau operations. Beyond the 2010 Census, we will consider changes to the processing of the term “Sikh” when it is provided in response to the question on race.”

We need to keep up our efforts. Even if the Census does not provide an official count this year, we have to make a strong case for 2020. Census forms are official records and are maintained and stored as official archives. Let us fill in “Sikh” as a response to question 9 so that when we ask the Census next time to reconsider their decision, we can claim that our community wants to be identified as Sikhs.

This fight is very important for our future generations and for their rightful place in the American society.

Please also read http://www.unitedsikhs.org/blog/?p=789 to get answers to all your questions and to read more about why it is important to be counted as Sikhs.


  1. Gurmeet Kaur says:

    This is such a positive news. All the more reason for Sikhs to identify themselves as SIkhs in ‘Other’ category in 2010 Census. This way the raw data is present as an evidence of wanting to have the correct code.

    Can you please publish the response for the community to see ?


  2. Angie M Bishop says:

    This is so encouraging! Focus on our youngsters is imperative! I personally will not participate in the census….however, if this is a way of introducing EDUCATION even to our idiot government….well…I must give credit to Sikh for such proactive measures~~~


  3. Kel says:


    I am Chair for the 2010 The Spinning Wheel Film Festival and was wondering if we can post a notice for film submission to the United Sikh Community

    Please let me know and I will send you a blurb.