Conditions at the Camps in Pakistan

Camp Close shot

Camp Close shot

26th June 2009, Islamabad:  Conditions at the camp are detoriating because of the change in weather and the coming in of the monsoons. There is an increase in the cases of snake and scorpion bites.  Visiting the camp sites with the team of local doctors from NATPOW, the cases reported indicate an increase in people requesting for medicines suffering from scabies, malaria, insect bites, diarrhoea. The possibilies of an epedemic is imminent. The officials at the camp have said that water-logged camps would not get flooeded with water.  The situation is aggravated by the fact that there are insufficient female doctors to treat children and women, who refuse to be attended to by men.  The chaos of the early days has begun to dissipate and better facilities have been organized. The efforts of philanthropists who continue to offer up help in terms of food and other supplies to the IDPs are also quite remarkable.

The cluster for nutrition setup by UNICEF is meeting on Tuesday 7th July in Islamabad to discuss the precautions to be taken by NGOs to better tackle the current building scenario.


Sundeep Singh
27th June 2009
SikhAid Camp-Islamabad

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