Dhulka School Report 2008

What an amazing experience the month of August has become for the students at Standard Public High School, Dhulka, Amritsar for the last three years as it is the month when scholars from Oxford University visit our school to teach them techniques of learning English under the internationally reknowned UNITED SIKHS organization sponsored project, “ UNITED SIKHS – Oxford University TravelAid.”

It is difficult to express the inner feelings of the students but what one can assess easily from their gleaming and cheerful faces is that they really enjoy the visit of the Oxford University scholars with their variety of cultural backgrounds. The team of scholars which graced the Dhulka School campus in August 2008 comprised of Mr. Richard Anderton, Miss. Emma Bodenham, Miss. Jasvinder Kaur and Miss. Harpal Kaur from the U.K., Mr. Casey Armstrong, Miss. Vanessa Brown, and Miss. Manpriya Kaur from the U.S.A. and Miss. Tejinderpal Kaur and Miss. Amritwant Kaur from Malaysia. The team was accompanied and assisted by Miss. Harjyot Kaur, Coordinator from Delhi, and Mr. Hardeep Singh from Amritsar.

The management, staff and students of Standard School felt highly honoured when they welcomed the Oxford scholars on the morning of 11th August 2008. After the formal welcome, the scholars were introduced to the students of different classes and started teaching them in pairs. The students were very happy as one person of every pair was proficient in Punjabi. They all focused their attention on spoken English and tried their best to enrich the knowledge of Dhulka students. The scholars were filled with a missionary spirit and zeal as they taught the students daily for four hours. The students learnt many poems, educative games, new words and ludic methods of learning English.

It was also a really memorable event for Dhulka School students when they played cricket with Mr. Casey, Mr. Richard and Mr. Hardeep Singh.

Though most of the Dhulka School students belong to the middle and lower strata of rural society, their discipline, respect for the teachers, eagerness to learn and acquire new knowledge impressed the scholars very much.

On their last day at Dhulka School, the Oxford scholars played games with the school students. It was a moment which will remain in the minds of Standard students for years to come.

Overall, we can say that this year’s visit by the scholars left an indelible impression upon the minds of the students at Standard School. The Oxford scholars promised to visit the school again. We are highly grateful to all the scholars for their invaluable service rendered to the school. We are also thankful to Miss. Mejindarpal Kaur, Director, UNITED SIKHS, and especially to Miss. Harjyot Kaur, Coordinator, who accompanied the Oxford scholars during the project and promised to come again next year and provide every possible help to the school in the noble cause of providing education to intelligent and deserving students from deserving families.

Navneet Kaur Hundal
Sukhdev Singh

Standard Public High School, Dhulka