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Here you will find the news and information relating to the Right to Turban campaign.

Article Source Date
Next Target in the French Headgear Debate: The Bandana The New York Times 20.01.2004
Sikhs And Their Turban   20.01.2004
Memo To French Ambassador   20.01.2004
French Sikhs Defend The Turban BBC News World Edition 20.01.2004
UK Sikhs Rally Against French Turbanator The Times Of India 19.01.2004
French Sikhs Oppose French Secular Plan The Associated Press 13.01.2004
How About Us? French Sikhs Ask International Herald Tribune 13.01.2004
The Right To The Turban The Indian Express 13.01.2004
Letter To The French President WSC - America Region 09.01.2004
Storm In France Over Headscarf Bill The Asian Age 08.01.2004
Headscarf Debate Divides The Nation Deutsche Welle 07.01.2004
French Turban Ban Gets Sikh Group Into Action TNN 06.01.2004
Contentious Coverings The Tribune 05.01.2004
French Sikhs Urge Vajpayee To Intervene In Turban Ban Hindustan Times 01.01.2004
Sikhs In Action Against French Ban Of Turbans Deutsche Welle 29.12.2003
E-mail To Indian President IHRO 27.12.2003
Letter To The French President IHRO 27.12.2003
SGPC To Discuss French Legislation On Turban The Tribune 26.12.2003
Chirac Orders Law Banning Head Scarves The Associated Press 17.12.2003
France Awaits Headscarves Report BBC News World Edition 11.12.2003
Second German State To Ban Scarf BBC News World Edition 09.12.2003
German States Divided Over Headscarf Ban Deutsche Welle 10.10.2003
Muslim Teacher Wins Headscarf Fight BBC News World Edition 24.09.2003
Court Says Headscarf Is Religious Symbol Deutsche Welle 10.10.2002

Release Date

Article Source Date
An Article On Sikhs Participation In France During World War Pamphlet 11.01.2004
Their Names Liveth For Evermore Sikh Spectrum 14.11.2003
Sikhs And The Great War In France Paramjit Singh,
Co-author: Warrior Saints, London,
IB Tauris, 1999

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