VaaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaaheGuru Ji Ke Fateh!

On February 10, 2004, the French Government passed a bill that bans the wearing of articles of faith in public schools. In response, UNITED SIKHS along with other Sikh organizations have been working diligently with U.S. Congressmen to introduce a new resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives condemning this French bill. In particular, UNITED SIKHS has been working with Congressman Brad Sherman to introduce House Resolution 528. House Resolution 528 calls on the French Government to “modify or abandon its ban on religions articles and symbols in state schools.”

Today, Congressman Sherman’s office is circulating the resolution to other members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Khalsa Ji, please immediately contact your representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives and encourage them to co-sponsor this resolution which denounces the French bill that bans the wearing of articles of faith in public schools.

To determine your representative’s name and contact information, please go to and type in your zip code. The name of your representative will appear on the following webpage.

Khalsa Ji, when you call your representative, please follow these steps:

Kindly introduce yourself.
Let them know that you live in the representative’s district.
Kindly Say: “I am calling in regards to House Resolution 528 that Congressman Sherman’s Office has been circulating for all members of the House to co-sponsor.”
Let them know that House Resolution 528 is regarding the French bill that bans articles of faith to be worn in public schools.
Kindly request that you want your representative to co-sponsor this resolution.

If possible, request to speak to a legislative assistant or foreign affairs staff person who can handle this matter. Please repeat steps 1-5 and proceed to the following steps:

State that House Resolution 528 is requesting the French Government to modify or abandon this ban on articles of faith in public schools.
State: if the French bill is enforced it will result in Sikhs not being able to wear their turbans to schools. State that the turban is required by the Sikh faith.
State: in addition, the French bill is not allowing Muslims to wear their hijabs, Christians to wear crosses and Jews to wear yarmulkes.
Kindly request your representative to co-sponsor the resolution.

To find more information about what UNITED SIKHS is doing to fight the French bill that bans articles of faith in schools, please visit:

To view the resolution 528 introduced by Congressman Sherman (for himself and and Congressman Mike Honda) click on the url below:

The Dear Colleague letter is available at :