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Here you will find the news and information relating to the Right to Turban campaign.

Article Source Date
Community Organizes Blood Drive in New York unitedsikhs.org 01.03.2004
Sikh men demonstrate near the French embassy in London Yahoo! News Story 25.02.2004
Sikhs win the battle for turbans in US state HindustanTimes.com 23.02.2004
Sikh Haute Courture in Knightsbridge Voices News Network 21.02.2004
French religious symbol ban draws widespread criticism ABC Online 21.02.2004
UK Sikhs join 'headscarf' protest BBC.co.uk 21.02.2004
Alabama State lifts ban on Turban and Hijab for Driver's Licence unitedsikhs.org 20.02.2004
French Immersion e.peak features 14.02.2004
Future Uncertain Hindustani Times 12.02.2004
Unequal Brotherhood OutLook Weekly 12.02.2004
French Minister's Assurance on Turban The Tribune 12.02.2004
Memorandum on Turban Ban Presented to French Envoy Times of India 12.02.2004
French MPs back Ban on Religious Symbols The Hindu 12.02.2004
France Votes to Ban Religious Clothes in School Hindustani Times 12.02.2004
France Votes to Ban Religious Symbols Asian Age 12.02.2004
Training institute for turban tying to ensure Sikh identity not eroded Channelnewsasia 11.02.2004
French MPs vote for Muslim headscarf ban
Times Online 10.02.2004
Break the barriers HindustanTimes 10.02.2004
Ban on religious symbols will apply to schools only: French Ambassador The Tribune 10.02.2004
French Foreign Minister to arrive on Feb 12 The Tribune 10.02.2004
IHRO all party meet asks France to see reason on Sikh Turban issue IHRO report 07.02.2004
3000 Sikhs participated in a demonstration march THE TIMES OF INDIA 07.02.2004
British MEP takes Sikhs’ concerns over French law to EU HindustanTimes 07.02.2004
French Sikhs march for right to wear turbans The Straits Time 07.02.2004
Where is your dastaar SikhSpectrum.com 07.02.2004
Sikhs protest against turban ban in France The Navhind Times 07.02.2004
Sikhs in Paris demo against veil ban law Expatica 07.02.2004
France messes up religious diversity The Brock Press 07.02.2004
BBC Video of the Sikh protest on 31 January in Paris BBC.co.uk 07.02.2004
US religious freedom watchdog wary of proposed French headscarf ban
Yahoo! News Story 07.02.2004
French parliament opens debate on headscarf law Yahoo! News Story 07.02.2004
Last-Minute Doubts as French Debate Veils in School Yahoo! News Story 07.02.2004
Livingstone urges French PM to scrap headscarf ban Yahoo! News Story 06.02.2004
Effort to ban head scarves in France sets off culture clash USA Today.com 06.02.2004
British Sikhs views during protest in Paris Webindia123.com 06.02.2004
French parliament opens debate on headscarf law Channelnewasia.com 06.02.2004
Tohra writes to UN on French turban ban SIFY News 06.02.2004
Belgium considers school headscarf ban Guardian Unlimited 06.02.2004
Chain says Sikhs must ask to wear their turbans Globe and Mail 05.02.2004
UK Euro MP seeks EU ban on headscarf law Waheguroo! Network 03.02.2004
Blunkett to discuss Sikh identity issue with French Government Waheguroo! Network 03.02.2004
French MPs debate headscarf ban Waheguroo! Network 03.02.2004
Diplomatic channel may relax turban ban in France Waheguroo! Network 03.02.2004
Mann presents memorandum on turban issue Waheguroo! Network 03.02.2004
Pictures From Sikhs' March In Paris From Sikh Youth 02.02.2004
Reporters on the Job csmonitor.com 02.02.2004
French secularism vs. turbans, other symbols of faith csmonitor.com 02.02.2004
Sikhs protest in France BBC News 01.02.2004
IHRO all party meet asks France to see reason on the Turban issue IHRO 01.02.2004
Outlook, Weekly, Delhi, 02 Feb 2004 OUTLOOK, Weekly 01.02.2004
Case for turban put before French official Tribune News Service 01.02.2004
Sea of turbans as Sikhs protest against French ban Reuters Report 01.02.2004
French Sikhs protest ban on apparel The Times of India 01.02.2004
Sikhs march in Paris against religious signs law
Yahoo! News Story 01.02.2004
French headscarfs debate - BBC Sunday Programme (25/1/04) BBC.co.uk 01.02.2004
Pope backs Sikhs' right to wear turban UNI 01.02.2004
Sikhs From Across Europe Protest Paris Ban On Religious Symbols INDOlink 01.02.2004
Interesting Story voanews 01.02.2004
Turbanators   01.02.2004
Bans and Turbans Tribune India 01.02.2004
Press Clippings Newscan India 01.02.2004
Pope's response on France's proposed ban on religious articles of faith sikhnet.com 31.01.2004
French Cabinet Adopts Head Scarf Ban Yahoo! News Story 29.01.2004
Case for turban put before French official Tribune News Service 29.01.2004
UK Sikhs take lead to defy French Govt ban on turbans Hindustan Times 28.01.2004
Sikhs fear their turbans may be next in firing line in secular France www.thestar.co.za 28.01.2004
Sikhs in actie Katholiek Nederland 27.01.2004
Recent media coverage of sikhs in Netherlands SP!TS 27.01.2004
France uncovered Timesonline 27.01.2004
French Sikhs upbeat about keeping turbans in school Reuters Report 27.01.2004
We will never take our turban off IPS News 26.01.2004
Watch What You Wear Time Europe Magazine 26.01.2004
Signature campaign against turban curbs The Times of India 26.01.2004
Belgian move to ban scarves, crosses The Hindu 24.01.2004
Veiled threats Sunday Herald 24.01.2004
French PM Presses on with Law Banning Muslim Veils Yahoo! News Story 24.01.2004
French Sikhs threaten to leave country The Guardian 23.01.2004
Sikh forced to remove Turban in Paris Voices News Network 23.01.2004
French turban ban gets Sikh group into action Times News Network 23.01.2004
UK Sikhs to protest French ban Times News Network 23.01.2004
Signature campaign against turban curbs Times News Network 23.01.2004
Sikh forced to take off turban Times News Network 23.01.2004
French rethink ban on headscarves Hindustan Times 23.01.2004
It appears the French Government sees beards... New York Times 23.01.2004
Outcry in France over proposed school beard ban msnbc.msn.com
Next Target in the French Headgear Debate: The Bandana The New York Times 20.01.2004
Sikhs And Their Turban   20.01.2004
French Sikhs Defend The Turban BBC News World Edition 20.01.2004
UK Sikhs Rally Against French Turbanator The Times Of India 19.01.2004
French Sikhs Oppose French Secular Plan The Associated Press 13.01.2004
How About Us? French Sikhs Ask International Herald Tribune 13.01.2004
The Right To The Turban The Indian Express 13.01.2004
Letter To The French President WSC - America Region 09.01.2004
Storm In France Over Headscarf Bill The Asian Age 08.01.2004
Headscarf Debate Divides The Nation Deutsche Welle 07.01.2004
French Turban Ban Gets Sikh Group Into Action TNN 06.01.2004
Contentious Coverings The Tribune 05.01.2004
French Sikhs Urge Vajpayee To Intervene In Turban Ban Hindustan Times 01.01.2004
Sikhs In Action Against French Ban Of Turbans Deutsche Welle 29.12.2003
E-mail To Indian President IHRO 27.12.2003
Letter To The French President IHRO 27.12.2003
SGPC To Discuss French Legislation On Turban The Tribune 26.12.2003
Chirac Orders Law Banning Head Scarves The Associated Press 17.12.2003
France Awaits Headscarves Report BBC News World Edition 11.12.2003
Second German State To Ban Scarf BBC News World Edition 09.12.2003
German States Divided Over Headscarf Ban Deutsche Welle 10.10.2003
Muslim Teacher Wins Headscarf Fight BBC News World Edition 24.09.2003
Court Says Headscarf Is Religious Symbol Deutsche Welle 10.10.2002

Release Date

Article Source Date
14 Feb 2004 - NEWSCAN NDIA Gunpreet Singh 14.02.2004
14 Feb 2004 - SET 1 Gunpreet Singh 14.02.2004
13 Feb 2004 - SET 1 Gunpreet Singh 13.02.2004
13 Feb 2004 - SET 2 Gunpreet Singh 13.02.2004
13 Feb 2004 - SET 3 Gunpreet Singh 13.02.2004
13 Feb 2004 - SET 4 Gunpreet Singh 13.02.2004
13 Feb 2004 - SET 5 Gunpreet Singh 13.02.2004
13 Feb 2004 - SET 6 Gunpreet Singh 13.02.2004

Article Source Date
Translation of the new sitem Gunpreet Singh 27.01.2004
An Article On Sikhs Participation In France During World War Pamphlet 11.01.2004
Their Names Liveth For Evermore Sikh Spectrum 14.11.2003
Sikhs And The Great War In France Paramjit Singh,
Co-author: Warrior Saints, London,
IB Tauris, 1999

Article Source Date
Turban - An article of Sikh faith unitedsikhs.org 27.02.2004
11 Feb Final Memo to French Ambassdor Delhi unitedsikhs.org 11.02.2004
Knox Thames - Helsinki Commission
His Excellency French Ambassador Jean-David LEVITTE

Patricia Carley - United States Commission in Int'l Religious Freedom

memos to french officials:meeting with the French assistant...   23.01.2004
e fax from Gurdial singh of Paris   23.01.2004
President chirac's 5 page speech of 17 dec 03   23.01.2004
Memo to French President on the French Constitution   21.01.2004
Memo To French Ambassador   20.01.2004

Article Source Date
Delegation level talk between the visiting Minister and the External Affairs Minister Gunpreet Singh 13.02.2004
French Govt reassures Sikh delegation from Europe and United States Voices News Network 09.02.2004
French Government Softens Law on Religious Symbols Ban Voices News Network 09.02.2004

Article Source Date
Young Sikhs demonstrate near the French embassy Yahoo! News Story 22.02.2004
Hindustan Times, Delhi, 02 Feb 2004, HT City, Page - 1 Hindustan Times 07.02.2004
Dainik Bhaskar, Faridabad, 02 Feb 2004, Page-16 Bhaskar News 07.02.2004
Hindustan Times Delhi 02Feb 2004 - Page15 Hindustan Times 07.02.2004
The Tribune Delhi 05 Feb 2004 - PageS.2 The Tribune 06.02.2004
Hindustan Times Delhi 05 Feb 2004 - Page23 Hindustan Times 06.02.2004
The Hindu Delhi 04 Feb2004 - Page15 The Hindu 05.02.2004
Turban being worn in this picture by a Sikh girl Yahoo! News Story 01.02.2004
World Photos - Reuters Yahoo! News Story 01.02.2004
Recent media coverage of sikhs in netherlands SP!TS 27.01.2004
Sikh priest prays in a gurudwara north of Paris Yahoo! News Story 26.01.2004

Article Source Date
Letter of S. Simranjit Singh Mann to Minister for Foreign Affairs, France GURSHARAN SINGH 07.02.2004
S.SimranjitSingh Mann, Member of Parliament and President, Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) GURSHARAN SINGH 07.02.2004
Turban - An article of Sikh faith   02.06.2004
Right to Turban Mandeep Singh 29.01.2004

Actions Required By You...
Article Source Date
MEP /MP Poster for Gurdwaras Gurmit Sangha 20.02.2004
KHALSA JI, URGENT ACTION ALERT UnitedSikhs.org 13.02.2004
KHALSA JI, URGENT ACTION ALERT UnitedSikhs.org 07.02.2004
UNITED WE STAND UnitedSikhs.org 05.02.2004

Article Source Date
S. Simranjit Singh Mann, Member of Parliament and President Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) Gursharan Singh 05.02.2004

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