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Sikh Regiment Battalion gets UNIFIL Award

September 06, 2006 01:13 IST

A battalion of the Sikh Regiment currently deployed on the United Nations Mission in Lebanon has been awarded with UNIFIL Force Commander's Unit Citation. Besides, 73 soldiers of the unit have been conferred with UNIFIL Force Commander's Citation for their outstanding contribution during the recent 34-day long conflict between Israel and Lebanon, an official release on Tuesday said. The battalion was located between the two warring factions and on many occasions munitions fell very close to its positions. On July 24, 2006, the 4th Battalion of Sikh Regiment, popularly known as Saragarhi Braves, was called upon to undertake rescue and search operations in PB Khiam area where four UN peacekeepers were killed when a rocket had hit their position. With utter disregard to their own safety, soldiers of the battalion recovered the mortal remains of the soldiers. During the conflict, the battalion also launched a number of humanitarian operations saving hundreds of lives by moving them to safer areas from Houle, Ebel Es Saqi, Marjayoun, Kleyya, Ain ARab and Hasbaiya.

At present, the Indian battalion is monitoring the withdrawal of Israel Defence Forces, deployment of Lebanese Army and providing meaningful humanitarian assistance to local populace, it added.

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Photo Gallery

Indian Battalion Honour Guards
UNMEE Photo/Jorge Aramburu, July 2004
Peacekeepers from the Indian battalion of the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) serve food to local residents after a competition organized by the battalion in Adigrat, Ethiopia.
UNMEE Photo/ Rick Bajornas. 8 February 2006
UNMEE Force Commander Major-General Gordon and SRSG Legwaila at the opening of the water dam in Serha,
UNMEE Photo/Jorge Aramburu, June 2004