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Syria Needs Our Help Now!

United Nations officials remain hard at work on several fronts to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Syria and ensure humanitarian assistance reaches those in desperate need. Syria’s children have already suffered through so much. They still need warm clothing to survive a frigid winter. A year ago, 1 million Syrians were in need of humanitarian assistance – now 8.8 million people are affected. Today, there are 2 million Syrian refugees. By December, 2013 there may be 3.4 million. At the current rate, half of the population of Syria will be displaced by the end of the year. About 4,400 refugees flee into neighboring countries every day. The lives of 4 million children are devastated and an entire generation is at risk.

UNITED SIKHS is pledging to assist by providing 20,000 coats to women, men, and children in need.
Items Needed:

  • Dried milk
  • Winter sweaters
  • Coats (Adults and Children)
  • Blankets
  • Batteries
  • Vitamins
  • Tylenol
  • Antibiotics for Bronchial Relate Illnesses
  • Gym Sport Clothes for Children
  • Toy Balls


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