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UK Knife-Detection Measures

Since February 2006, knife-detection measures have been introduced at train stations in London, Liverpool and Birmingham with a view to extending the scheme to encompass all stations in the United Kingdom. Operation Shield has introduced scanning equipment aimed at "challenging the knife-carrying culture"[1] and to ensure public safety on the UK transport system. While the Sikh community welcomes measures to ensure safety, there is a need to understand and tackle the potential discrimination that Kirpan-wearing Sikhs may face.

UNITED SIKHS has written to the Police to seek assurances that Kirpan-wearing Sikhs will not be discriminated against under the measures. To read the letter click here.

In order to monitor the situation and provide feedback to the police and relevant parties, we are collating experiences of Kirpan-wearing Sikhs who travel by train and have come into contact with knife-detection measures at train stations across the UK.  

If you are a Kirpan-wearing Sikh, and you have come into contact with the knife-detecting measures at train stations, please click here to fill the form.We want to hear from, whatever your experience, be it positive or negative. 
However, we are also aware that Kirpan-wearing Sikhs are facing issues in other places such as passport offices and public entertainment venues. We would also like to hear from you if you have encoutered such problems at such places.

[1] Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Shanahan (2006), Cited in BBC News, ‘Knife scanners to be used UK-wide’, Sunday 2nd April, Found at