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Learning Values Series


Children are our assets and change agents. We recognize that it is very important to communicate with children keeping in the mind their background and age group. The medium for communication has to be unique so that they can grasp an understanding of a subject which is new and challenging. With this in mind the Learning Values Series was conceptualized.

The Learning Values Series, which was flagged off in New Delhi in 2007, started with a younger age group, for the first programme.

We have progressively moved on to older children up to ages 11-12 years. Our presentation involves use of multi media, film clips, role models who are successful individuals in their respective fields. We have invited personalities from diverse backgrounds for e.g. bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, lawyers, musicians, hoteliers, scholars who spoke of their experiences of dealing with their identity to get to the top.

A very important session of the presentation is the interactive discussion where children raise questions and clear their doubts. We realized that it is important to work closely on a theme with small target groups of about 40 students consistently over a period of time in order to make an impact. This method ensures that interactions are better and issues are addressed sufficiently for best results. Once we are able to impact them, they help in impacting their peer group. We emphasise on obtaining feedback in order to carry out the improvements in our programs. Feedback forms are an integral part of each program.

Both teachers and parents are our partners in the process and therefore a meeting is held with parents during the program and at the end of program. After the program a nominated team evaluates the overall impact of the program. Another aspect that we emphasize on is obtaining feedback from teachers and involving them in the process.

Motivation is an important engine for opening the mind to change and more so with young minds. In order to motivate our students, the participants are given light refreshments at the end of the program. All active students are rewarded with during the program and prizes are given to those who make good suggestions on the feedback forms.


Our current theme is 'TURBAN- OUR PROUD HERITAGE' and our target age group is of students of class VII aged 12 years. This is an age when Sikh youths start wearing a turban. This program, which started in September 2007, is a monthly program and would continue for five months in each location.

We will cover different aspects of the Sikh Turban in our presentations for e.g.:

  1. How the Sikhs Turban came into existence
  2. Sikh Turbans during the Guru period
  3. Different styles of the Sikh Turban
  4. How to tie various styles of the Sikh Turban
  5. Issues children would face when they start wearing a Sikh Turban and how to resolve them
  6. How a Sikh Turban impacts one's mind and body
  7. Upkeep of the Sikh Turban