GHANAIA Katrina Hurricane Relief



REMEDY Supplies Much Needed Medical Supplies for Katrina Survivors
The Mount Sinai Hospital REMEDY project partnered with UNITED SIKHS and provided much needed medical supplies to shelters housing hurricane survivors in Baton Rouge recently.
December 11, 2005


CV—Sikhs of New Orleans Unveil Plans for Children's Future
The Guru Nanak Missionary Society of Louisiana and UNITED SIKHS will run a Panjabi Academy, a partnership that emerged in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The educational institution will boost the…
October 29, 2005
PR—New Orleans Sikhs Suffered Several Million Dollars Worth of Flood Damage
A third of affected New Orleans Sikh families surveyed by UNITED SIKHS have reported property damage worth more than 3.5 million dollars. The total loss suffered by all the 50 Sikh families will be known when…
October 10, 2005
CV—UNITED SIKHS Katrina Relief Team Continues to Need Your Support
UNITED SIKHS would like to thank you - the volunteers, individual donors, Gurdwara sangat (congregation of the Sikh place of worship) and management committees, for your spontaneous and generous support for…
October 4, 2005
CV—Rita Evacuees Receive Timely Help from the Sikhs
UNITED SIKHS volunteers along with Ram Singh and Amritpal Singh, two representatives from Fremont Gurdwara, California, found a relief center where some 6000 Rita evacuees were in dire need of…
October 4, 2005


CV—UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA Volunteers Respond to Hurricane Rita
Due to the threat posed by Hurricane Rita an unprecedented two million people evacuated their homes in Galveston, Corpus Christi, Beaumont and Houston to seek safer grounds. Dallas was the main destination as…
September 25, 2005
CV—Katrina Evacuees Treated by UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA Medical Volunteers
In response to the immediate demand of Doctors and health care professional made by FEMA last week, a UNITED SIKHS medical team arrived here last week from Chicago and Daton, Ohio. …
September 23, 2005
AA—UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA Team Prepares for Hurricane Rita
The UNITED SIKHS command centre in Dallas is closely monitoring the progress of category 5 Hurricane Rita moving with 165 mph speed towards gulf coast states which is expected to make landfall on…
September 22, 2005
CV—Katrina Evacuees Relate their Losses to UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA Volunteers
The colossal damage unleashed by hurricane Katrina tousled lives of New Orleans residents rendering them helpless against the gigantic force of Mother Nature. UNITED SIKHS volunteers have been speaking to…
September 20, 2005
CV—UNITED SIKHS Makes a Difference to the Lives of New Orleans Evacuees
UNITED SIKHS served food and prepared snack bags for evacuees at the Allen Chapel AME Church near Baton Rouge. Working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), it was discovered that Allen Chapel needed…
September 16, 2005
CV—Joyous Sikhs Joined Together in Baton Rouge for First Deewan (congregation) After Hurricane Katrina Struck New Orleans
The Sikh community of New Orleans gathered at the Gurudwara President Sumir Kaur's house, where the undamaged Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (the Sikh holy scriptures) has been placed after being retrieved from…
September 12, 2005
PR—UNITED SIKHS Rescue Team Recovers Sikh Scriptures from Submerged New Orleans Gurdwara
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Sikh Scriptures and eternal Guru of the Sikhs, was recovered yesterday from the submerged New Orleans Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship) after a 22 hours rescue operation by a team of…
September 8, 2005
CV—UNITED SIKHS Distributes Hot Meals to 1300 Evacuees and Needs your Help to do More
UNITED SIKHS volunteers today begin to serve hot meals to 1300 evacuees at the Dream Center at Donaldsonville, a temporary shelter which houses an influx of evacuees from its neighbouring New Orleans, and sets its …
September 6, 2005
CV—UNITED SIKHS Starts Langgar (Community Kitchen) for Katrina Evacuees
UNITED SIKHS will be providing langgar, hotmeals from the Sikh community kitchen, to displaced people at the Katrina hurricane evacuee centers in New Orleans from tomorrow. UNITED SIKHS has also written to the US president…
September 4, 2005
PR—GHANAIA Katrina Hurricane Relief - an appeal for emergency material Supplies
UNITED SIKHS is appealing to the Sangat for Emergency supplies needed for the GHANAIA Katrina relief project in the hurricane devastated areas of New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. These supplies will…
September 3, 2005
PR—UNITED SIKHS Launches GHANAIA Katrina Hurricane Relief Project
UNITED SIKHS has deployed a relief team and is in the process of procuring supplies for the areas worst hit by hurricane Katrina in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana and Albama where thousands are feared dead, …
September 1, 2005
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