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Haiti Earthquake Relief

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Haiti Crisis: UNITED SIKHS Updates
UNITED SIKHS team has reached Haiti to help with the search and rescue missions. More help is needed! Click here to donate/volunteer to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund!

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An earthquake measuring 7.0 hit Haiti around 10 miles south of capital city Port-au-Prince, bringing widespread devastation to the entire country. The earthquake, said to be the most powerful to affect Haiti in 200 years, struck at 4:53 pm on Tuesday 12th January 2010, at a depth of five miles.

News sources are reporting that millions have been affected by the earthquake, and thousands are feared buried under rubble of fallen buildings. People have lost their homes and livelihoods, and are waiting on medical expertise and supplies. Haiti is suffers from extreme poverty, and lack of resources, and the current crisis has exacerbated problems even further. International aid is pouring in, and countries like US, UK and Canada have pledged full support to Haiti and Haitians in this time of dire need.

UNITED SIKHS is launching a global humanitarian aid effort to assist with rescue and rehabilitation efforts in Haiti, and will update donation and volunteer information on this web page.


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