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From the Field
Relief Workers' Report

26 January 2005

UNITED SIKHS to Start Langar Sewa in Sri Lanka for Tsunami Relief

Colombo, Sri Lanka: UNITED SIKHS relief efforts for the survivors of the December 25th tsunami tragedy are in full swing with the beginning of langar sewa.

Kulvinderbir Singh, the project leader for the UNITED SIKHS Sri Lanka team, expressed that "we need to attend to the immediate need of the survivors, UNITED SIKHS intends to do that by providing them hot langar food starting next week. All work is coming together and we are all set to go for next week."

The team of aid workers from UNITED SIKHS has been traveling to many areas affected by the tsunami tragedy. UNITED SIKHS relief teams are working with other relief agencies in Sri Lanka to work efficiently and to provide maximum relief to the victims.

Commenting on another emerging crisis, Kulvinderbir Singh said "Drinking water is really dirty and a cause of concern for proper hygiene. We need to clean the dirty water with proper filtration techniques or we need new water pumps to help in this respect. The team plans to make immediate impacts and feel that the latter is the best approach right now and build better health facilities for communities affected by the tragedy."

UNITED SIKHS aid workers have also determined other immediate needs which include the need for tents to provide shelter, physician and nurse volunteers to assist with medical needs, psychologists for trauma related counseling, carpenters for rebuilding efforts and utensils for dietary needs.

"I know that our own people will respond, all we need to do is ask for their help to rebuild lives devastated by the tsunami," Kulvinderbir Singh said in a statement from Colombo.

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