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From the Field
Relief Workers' Report

UNITED SIKHS, an international non-profit human development NGO, is currently working to provide humanitarian aid to victims of the Asian tsunami disaster. Current UNITED SIKHS projects include relief efforts in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nicobar Islands, South India, and Aceh, Indonesia.

First Operation on Donger Singh was successful at the Apollo Hospital

Donger Singh today was operated on by Dr. Sridhar in Apollo hospital. Dr Sridhar did skin drafting at the lower rear of Donger Singh. The operation started at 2.30 pm local time and lasted a couple of hours. Donger Singh regained consciousness at 4.30pm.

On a phone discussion with Kuldip Singh, S India Ghanaia Tsunami project co-ordinator, Donger Singh expressed his gratitude to UNITED SIKHS and all Sikhs of the world who have contributed to his treatment. According to Dr Sridhar it would take several operations in phases to complete the surgery.

Harbhajan Singh, member of UNITED SIKHS, New Delhi is taking care of Donger Singh and his family in Chennai.

The Sadh Sangat and Gurudwara Management of El Sobrante has agreed to pay the medical bills for Donger Singh and to buy him wheel chair, bed and mattress to support his back, an air conditioner, a power generator. J P Singh, of California, is working with the Gurudwara committee to arrange the funds.

  • Plastic Surgery on Donger Singh at Apollo.
  • Supporting equipment for Donger Singh (Wheel chair, bed-mattress, air condition, generator)
  • Support for family to earn their living.

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