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From the Field
Relief Workers' Report

UNITED SIKHS, an international non-profit human development NGO, is currently working to provide humanitarian aid to victims of the Asian tsunami disaster. Current UNITED SIKHS projects include relief efforts in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nicobar Islands, South India, and Aceh, Indonesia.

Proposal for Community Center
Great Nicobar Island

After much discussion and thought over what would be the most beneficial direction to follow in the relief effort we have come up with an idea. This idea is based on the amount of time remaining to us. Navneet has spent a lot of time with me and we discussed the best possible way to make a difference in the community. We feel at this given time this project will bring the most immediate and long lasting benefit.


To build and furnish a community center for all Punjabi settlers and their progeny. This center would consist of a pre-fabricated building made in Mainland India and available in as little two months, possibly sooner with incentives. It would cover 3000 square feet with an outside dimension of 20 feet by 150 feet. This narrow building could be broken up into four sections with partitioning. Accessed through a covered veranda from the exterior of the building. The sections would be used for several different services.

The first section could be a reception area complete with a canteen for the sale of books, school supplies, and tea and snacks. This feature may also provide an income stream to supplement operational cost.

The second section would be a day care center for the small children whose parents may be working during the day.

Third section would be a small meeting hall for the elders. This would provide for some interaction between the seniors and the children. And would be a place for information exchange.

The fourth section would be the computer center for the education of school aged children in computer operation and possibility internet learning.

The fifth section would be for vocational education (sewing machines for ladies, electrical education for men etc.)


Land is available through several source for building purposes. An acre of land has been donated by Mr. Amerjit Singhs family for any purpose we choose. Other members of the community have shown an interest in providing Land. The government has yet to come through with any offer. The land would be cleared by the used of a backhoe with loader bucket. This would be available for a rental fee here in Campbell Bay. Ecological concerns will be kept in mind while doing any land clearing. The natural flora will be incorporated into the landscaping of the site. Building pad would be build up from available dirt and compacted by wheel rolling with a loaded flat bed truck available on the island as well. Forms for the foundation would consist of 2X10 lumber which can also be obtained here. Concrete would be mixed on site with rented gas powered mixers from local contractors. Sand and gravel is available for the concrete mixture formulation. Cement for mixture would need to come from Port Blair. Piping for drains and water supply would also come from port Blair. The building from the manufacturer would be complete from the finished foundation up. So no further materials would be required for building. Once built the center would need to be furnished. The most costly items would be the computer equipment . We will appeal to companies in the United States for discounted or free equipment. We would also explore the possibility of satellite internet access for enhanced learning and information dissemination. The foundation pad could be started immediately with the manufacturers template. This would allow rapid construction of the structure once the pre-fabricated parts arrives.

Cost Breakdown
Item Price Sub Total
Land $800/acre $800
A. Rental of Backhoe
B. Labor


Dirt Pad Construction
A. Dump Truck Rental
B. Backhoe Rental
C. Labor


Concrete Building Pad
A. Materials
1. 350' of 2×10 lumber
2. One lot nails
3. 3000 sq. ft. 6mm plastic sheet
4. 100 wooden stakes
5. 250 sack cement
6. 30 yards of sand
7. 20 yards gravel

B. Concrete mixer rental
C. Labor

$0.50 each



Miscellaneous concrete   $800
Pre-fabricated Building   $40,000
Labor to erect building $500/day $5000
10% contingence fund   $5,200
TOTAL $56,900

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