Payment By Post

Payment By Post

Kindly download and fill the payment slip here. Please post this slip with your postal order or banker's draft in US Dollars, payable to UNITED SIKHS, to the UNITED SIKHS office nearest to you. Please send an email to admin@unitedsikhs.org to inform us that you have posted your payment. See details for UNITED SIKHS postal addresses below:


New Delhi

Address:     88 Bhera Enclave, Unit 4, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110087
Tel:   0091 (0)981 8096 705


United Kingdom

Address:     PO BOX 43799, London, W14 8SS, United Kingdom
Tel:     (0044) (0) 870 1993328
Fax:     (0044) (0) 871433 5655
E-mail:     unitedsikhs-uk@unitedsikhs.org


Address:     221, rue Lafayette 75010, Paris, France
Tel:     00 33 147 0084 41
E-mail:     unitedsikhs-fr@unitedsikhs.org


United States

Address:     JAF, POB 7203, New York, NY 10116, USA
Tel:     1-347-561-3348 (Toll-free: 1-888-243-1690)
Fax:     1-810-885-4264
E-mail:     unitedsikhs-na@unitedsikhs.org


Address:     P.O. Box: 68573, Great Lakes P.O.
Brampton, L6R 0J8, Canada.
Tel:     1-905-487-1054
E-mail:     unitedsikhs-ca@unitedsikhs.org


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