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UNITED SIKHS Research Project
(previously known as CAOF)

This project is aimed at nurturing thought provoking and contemporary theosophic research through an academic mentoring programme. Since its inception in November 2004 the project has created a unique distinction for itself in the local and state-level Sikh academic & intellectual circle. The programme is furthering the cause of new research in Sikh thought philosophy and its interpretation in the contemporary world.

Under this project, weekly lectures and regular seminars are undertaken in the city of Amritsar, aimed at postgraduate level student audience converging from varied academic backgrounds. The divergent backgrounds of the students bring about a stimulating environment forming a basis of thought provoking discussion in Sikh theology and comparative religious studies. The programme thus acts as an incubator of pathbreaking ideas in exploring various dimensions of sikhism in the present age.

Lecture Recordings