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Displaced Sikhs from Orakzai Agency and now in Peshawar -1

Orakzai Agency
Focus on Orakzai Agency

  06/27/2009: Peshawar, Pakistan: Peshawar falls under the FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Area), bordering Afghanistan, and is one of the 6 frontiers in FATA, and is the capital of North West Frontier Provice (NWFP).  
The Internally Displaced Sikhs don’t stay in the Bhai Joga Singh Peshawar Gurdwara, which is located in a town called as Dabgarhi in Peshawar. There are 2 Khalsa schools that cater around 600+ Sikh children.

99% of Sikhs from Peshawar are Amrtidhari Sikhs. Their family model is that of an extended family and the average family size is of 8 members. Most of the Sikhs are businessmen, as clothe merchants or grocery store owners. Every evening they get together at the Gurdwara Saheb for daily prayers and are there from 7:00pm – 10:30pm.  Continue reading ‘Displaced Sikhs from Orakzai Agency and now in Peshawar -1’ »