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UNITED SIKHS, along with other NGOs meets with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to discuss on growing Human Rights concerns

October 24th, New York: The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay met with over 20 NGOs on  October 24th at the UN Church Center in New York to address the growing human rights concerns  and also shared the updates on OHCHR’s activities. The meeting was moderated by Vice Chair for NGO Committee on Human Rights, Dr. Bobbi Nassar.

The Commissioner gave an overview of the OHCHR’s 2011-2012 activities. This included the workings of the Human Rights Council, the Universal Periodic Review, and, a great increase in the number of instances in which human rights (and the OHCHR) is gaining strength at the UN and in “post-2015 development” discussions. “The growing recognition of the centrality of human rights in the peace, security, development and humanitarian agendas, and trust in OHCHR is very rewarding,” Ms. Pillay noted. However, she warned that financial constraints are limiting the resources required to support her office’s mandated activities.

UNITED SIKHS questioned about the ban of conspicuous symbols such as turbans and headgears in schools and in general(in specific countries)which violate the very essence of human rights. The High Commissioner responded saying that “A faith group and minority have the right to practice and manifest their culture, religion and identity without discrimination and I oppose these principles and standards when I raise these matters with government. They have to find balance to accommodate diversity.”

US will continue advocating for equal rights as enshrined in the charter of UN.


Situation is tense in Haiti. Port-Au-Prince port is being built by the United States to allow aid


18th Jan 2010, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti: The port at Port-Au-Prince in Haiti is badly damaged. But the good thing is that the US has undertaken its reconstruction and may be ready by early next week for aid agencies to bring in supplies. The airport’s control tower was knocked out by the quake and U.S. military air controllers were operating from a radio post on the airfield grasss

UNITED SIKHS Director of disaster relief, Gurbachan Singh, whis currently in Haiti, distributed food, and toys for children in a makeshift hospital.  (Please see picture gallery at the end..)

Haiti is the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country and has for decades has devastating storms, floods and political unrest. The U.N.  peacekeepers have  40 of their men who have been here since 2004.The situaton here is very tense. There is limited security in the city, people are frustrated with the lack of food and water and totally lack any hot food supply. The crowds are getting unruly in some areas. UN is spread thin.

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Call to Action to the UN Summit on Climate Change

10th Sept, 2009, Manhattan, New York:  UNITED SIKHS will be representing the Sikh voice in the call to action to the UN Summit on climate change this fall.  The Sikh delegation will make a presentation and represent the Sikh view/opinion on this subject.  Admission to the event is free and all are welcome.

Note:  Please carry a government issued photo i.d. and a copy of the invitation to ensure admission.
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Humanitarian Response Highlights/Key Priorities-Pakistan

humanitarianhubsanddistribpoints-pak1st Sep 2009, Peshawar: Jean-Maurice Ripert of France has been appointed Special UN Envoy for Assistance to Pakistan

UN completed a high-level mission to Mingora in Swat District to assess the prevailing humanitarian situation

All 4,830 schools occupied by IDPs have been vacated and rehabilitation of schools has started

Situation Overview: According to the government, as of 24th August over 233,450 families of the 329,000 families registered and verified by the North West Frontier Province (NWFP)  Government as Internally Displaced People (IDPs), have returned to their places of origin.  The districts to which the people have returned are: Nowshera, Peshawar, Mardan, Charsadda and Swabi. The above is again based on the reports from the UN.  Many of the IDPs still haven’t received the IDP status as they have been living with their friends and families.  The Sikhs who came from Khuram Agency and Orakzai Agency fall in this category. Continue reading ‘Humanitarian Response Highlights/Key Priorities-Pakistan’ »

UN’s message on World Autism Day

2nd April is designatd as the World Autism Awareness Day, the United Nations General Assembly has helped to galvanize international efforts to promote greater understanding about autism. Continue reading ‘UN’s message on World Autism Day’ »