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Haiti Situation Unique, Stress Relief Participants

February 19, 2010 3:19 p.m. EST

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Tejinder Singh – AHN Correspondent

Washington, DC, United States (AHN) – The unique nature of the situation posed by the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti was highlighted by representatives from major relief organizations, the U.S. State Department and journalists with first-hand experience in post-earthquake Haiti in an hour-long presentation at the National Press Club on Thursday..

Nan Buzard of the American Red Cross emphasized the tremendous gap between the difficulty of the operation on the ground and the strong desire of the world for things to immediately improve in Haiti.

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Vicky Dhillon in Haiti – Press Coverage by South Asian Focus

Popular Brampton City Councillor and social activist Vicky Dhillon (centre) with Canadian Forces, medics and other volunteers from United Sikhs helping in Haiti relief efforts in Port au Prince.

City Councillor Vicky Dhillon is representing Brampton in Haiti, to encourage more groups and organization to come forward and help.

He is also helping United Sikhs there in its humanitarian aid effort.

Last week, during a city council meeting, Mayor Susan Fennell announced Dhillon was due to leave for Haiti.

Dhillon, who left over the weekend, will be in Haiti until Feb 22.

He is carrying 1,500 shirts, printed ‘Brampton Care Haiti’, lots of tooth-brushes, dry food, shoes, etc.

Fennell had also appealed to Bramptonians to donate summer clothes for our friends in need in Haiti.

“City of Brampton and the Sikhs have a strong and vibrant community and we want our Bramptonians to have an opportunity to assist Haiti once again to become a strong and vibrant community,” Dhillon said. Continue reading ‘Vicky Dhillon in Haiti – Press Coverage by South Asian Focus’ »


  14th Feb 2010, Santo Domingo: UNITED SIKHS welcomes Councillor Vicky Dhillon from Brampton Ontario. He is on a sewa mission to serve the Haitian community that has suffered an incalculable loss.  We are humbled that people from all walks of life are here serving the Haitian community. A note that was emailed about him from his fan is attached below:



Team Jericho updates from Haiti

Continuing with the much needed humanitarian efforts, the UNITED SIKHS volunteers served 1200 meals yesterday in Haiti.  Booths were set up at two different sites where hot meals in form of langgar were distributed. Continue reading ‘Team Jericho updates from Haiti’ »

And the praises go to ………

The Sikh Times, a prestigious Sikh newspaper based out of the United Kingdom published the following article on the United Sikhs humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

And the praises go to ……….United Sikhs

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TPS Resources for Haitians: NYIC

Following is the list of resources available from the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) for Haitians.  This information is being provided here collectively for ease of use and to assist the humanitarian works ongoing in Haiti.


Section I: Upcoming TPS Events
Haitian TPS Hotline: The Legal Aid Society has a TPS Hotline for Haitian nationals. Continue reading ‘TPS Resources for Haitians: NYIC’ »

A Glimpse into Haiti’s Agony from the eyes of a Volunteer Team

 2nd Feb 2010, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti: Effectively chronicling the human tragedies that have taken place in Haiti since the earthquake struck is a nearly impossible task.  How is one orphan’s story any more or less distressing or significant than the thousands of others?  And yet it is still necessary to do what we can to highlight specific heart-rending and also heart-warming events in an effort to provide greater context for those of us who have not witnessed the devastation firsthand.  It is crucial that we do not fall into the trap of looking at Haiti’s anguish through the prism of statistics and data.  The suffering is real and it touches millions.  It is no less real than the suffering we see elsewhere and it does not demand any less of us as Sikhs.
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Thinking About Volunteering in Haiti? Get Your Vaccinations Now.

Before volunteers leave for Haiti, you should already be up to date on
your regular vaccinations such as MMR, DPT, polio, etc., and at
minimum, get vaccinations for:
Hepatitis A

All of these vaccinations are normally available from your State for
FREE, and all you have to do is walk into a clinic.

You also should have malaria prophylactics, and if at all possible
typhoid vaccination, which may or may not be available.

For New York, call the New York City Department of Health and Mental
Hygiene’s Immunization Hotline at (212) 676-2323. They’ll give you
your closest clinic. If you say you’re going to Haiti, they’ll say we
don’t do travel vaccinations. Just tell them clearly that you need
these above, and they should tell you where to go.

And also ReliefWeb’s guidance for relief workers:

Situation is tense in Haiti. Port-Au-Prince port is being built by the United States to allow aid


18th Jan 2010, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti: The port at Port-Au-Prince in Haiti is badly damaged. But the good thing is that the US has undertaken its reconstruction and may be ready by early next week for aid agencies to bring in supplies. The airport’s control tower was knocked out by the quake and U.S. military air controllers were operating from a radio post on the airfield grasss

UNITED SIKHS Director of disaster relief, Gurbachan Singh, whis currently in Haiti, distributed food, and toys for children in a makeshift hospital.  (Please see picture gallery at the end..)

Haiti is the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country and has for decades has devastating storms, floods and political unrest. The U.N.  peacekeepers have  40 of their men who have been here since 2004.The situaton here is very tense. There is limited security in the city, people are frustrated with the lack of food and water and totally lack any hot food supply. The crowds are getting unruly in some areas. UN is spread thin.

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13th December:Advancing Care Together: Blood Drives: 2 Locations in New Jersey

Upcoming Event: We need volunteers to donate blood and also to assist on this day in Port Reading New Jersey.

Every 2.5 seconds, someone needs blood…It could be a friend, a family member or maybe even you.


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