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6 More Used Laptops to be Donated!

United Sikhs sevadars, Kashmir Singh and Jatinder Singh deserve a round of applause… They run the Western Regional office in Fremont, California and have actively sought out more laptop donations for Siaya district hospital in rural Kenya. They have identified 6 more donations!

They also assisted in the last donation drive which allowed us to send 8 machines which have already been put to use. The staff is reporting an immediate productivity boost during power fluctuations. They can keep working due to the machines having batteries as compared with their peers whose machines reboot every time there is a power glitch.  The demand for these “new” kind of laptops has soared!

This is the kind of self-less seva that United Sikhs is known for. There is no Singh or Kaur who works at Siaya District Hospital, no Sikh mariz. Yet United Sikhs is there helping. Where there is a need, there is a Sikh willing to pitch in to help.