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Helping Haiti – South Loop husband and wife lend a hand



Baljinder Bathla learned of the earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, Haiti, while watching CNN in his South Loop townhouse the morning of Jan. 13, the day after the disaster struck the Caribbean nation.

As it happened, he and his wife, Sagina Hanjrah, both doctors, had been planning a trip in early 2010 to Ecuador to volunteer their medical skills in small village. But that trip had fallen through. So by the evening of the first day following the quake, as the extent of devastation was becoming clear, the husband and wife were discussing traveling to Haiti to pitch in. Continue reading ‘Helping Haiti – South Loop husband and wife lend a hand’ »

Exclusive Pictures from 2nd Camp in Barbancourt, Haiti

United Sikhs volunteers have continued the humanitarian relief work in Haiti.  Presented here are pictures from a camp held about 100 miles away from Port-au-Prince.  This camp was set up by Dharampal Sandhu, Tarlok Saggu and Raj Badwal and it served over 2000 people on daily basis. Continue reading ‘Exclusive Pictures from 2nd Camp in Barbancourt, Haiti’ »

Haiti Situation Unique, Stress Relief Participants

February 19, 2010 3:19 p.m. EST

Topics: disaster and accident, relief and aid organization, United States

Tejinder Singh – AHN Correspondent

Washington, DC, United States (AHN) – The unique nature of the situation posed by the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti was highlighted by representatives from major relief organizations, the U.S. State Department and journalists with first-hand experience in post-earthquake Haiti in an hour-long presentation at the National Press Club on Thursday..

Nan Buzard of the American Red Cross emphasized the tremendous gap between the difficulty of the operation on the ground and the strong desire of the world for things to immediately improve in Haiti.

Continue reading ‘Haiti Situation Unique, Stress Relief Participants’ »

Snowing in Haiti

Location: Haitian Border
Date: 11/2/2010
I get picked up at a park, where the bus driver dropped me, promising Francisco would soon be there. Ten minutes passed, and finally a young girl eyeing me from the street garnered enough courage to approach me.
I explained my friend was coming to pick me up. When she asked for further explanation it only exhausted her, and her deep brown eyes widened in horror when she supposed I was lost— or at least at a different park than my friend thought. I tried, much to my dismay, to assure her I was in the right spot—-faith, after all—-but she Continue reading ‘Snowing in Haiti’ »


Location: Philadelphia to Santo Domingo
Date: 9/2/2010

The plane thumps and rumbles as it squirms away from Philadelphia’s turbulent grasp. Last time I was on land, DC Federal Agencies had been closed for days, and the coming blizzard swallows any chance for improvement. With mass transit immobilized, authority figures absent,
and 10 foot high snow drifts, our nation’s capital seems more like a zombie theme park than the brain of a Western super-power. The mind of our great country is little more than a puttering arctic wasteland; and words like “emergency situation” and “indefinite closings” exacerbate the contrast. Continue reading ‘“Infrastructure”’ »

Vicky Dhillon in Haiti – Press Coverage by South Asian Focus

Popular Brampton City Councillor and social activist Vicky Dhillon (centre) with Canadian Forces, medics and other volunteers from United Sikhs helping in Haiti relief efforts in Port au Prince.

City Councillor Vicky Dhillon is representing Brampton in Haiti, to encourage more groups and organization to come forward and help.

He is also helping United Sikhs there in its humanitarian aid effort.

Last week, during a city council meeting, Mayor Susan Fennell announced Dhillon was due to leave for Haiti.

Dhillon, who left over the weekend, will be in Haiti until Feb 22.

He is carrying 1,500 shirts, printed ‘Brampton Care Haiti’, lots of tooth-brushes, dry food, shoes, etc.

Fennell had also appealed to Bramptonians to donate summer clothes for our friends in need in Haiti.

“City of Brampton and the Sikhs have a strong and vibrant community and we want our Bramptonians to have an opportunity to assist Haiti once again to become a strong and vibrant community,” Dhillon said. Continue reading ‘Vicky Dhillon in Haiti – Press Coverage by South Asian Focus’ »


  14th Feb 2010, Santo Domingo: UNITED SIKHS welcomes Councillor Vicky Dhillon from Brampton Ontario. He is on a sewa mission to serve the Haitian community that has suffered an incalculable loss.  We are humbled that people from all walks of life are here serving the Haitian community. A note that was emailed about him from his fan is attached below:



Team Jericho updates from Haiti

Continuing with the much needed humanitarian efforts, the UNITED SIKHS volunteers served 1200 meals yesterday in Haiti.  Booths were set up at two different sites where hot meals in form of langgar were distributed. Continue reading ‘Team Jericho updates from Haiti’ »

And the praises go to ………

The Sikh Times, a prestigious Sikh newspaper based out of the United Kingdom published the following article on the United Sikhs humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

And the praises go to ……….United Sikhs

A Sikh charity United Sikhs has been praised by the President of America, Barack  Obama. Continue reading ‘And the praises go to ………’ »

TPS Resources for Haitians: NYIC

Following is the list of resources available from the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) for Haitians.  This information is being provided here collectively for ease of use and to assist the humanitarian works ongoing in Haiti.


Section I: Upcoming TPS Events
Haitian TPS Hotline: The Legal Aid Society has a TPS Hotline for Haitian nationals. Continue reading ‘TPS Resources for Haitians: NYIC’ »