Employment dicrimination – UNITED SIKHS Blog https://www.unitedsikhs.org/blog Recognize The Human Race As One Tue, 28 Nov 2017 14:31:07 +0000 en-US hourly 1 EEOC provides update on number of cases filed for employment discrimination since 9/11 https://www.unitedsikhs.org/blog/2010/03/eeoc-provides-update-on-number-of-cases-filed-for-employment-discrimination-since-911/ Wed, 31 Mar 2010 20:28:49 +0000 http://www.unitedsikhs.org/blog/?p=884 According to the latest EEOC report forwarded to UNITED SIKHS, between 9/11/2001 and 3/11/2010, 1,024 charges were filed under Title VII alleging post-9/11 backlash employment discrimination. These numbers have more than doubled since 9/11. 5 charges remain open as of 3/11/2010.

As of 3/11/2010, 153 individuals aggrieved by post-9/11 backlash discrimination in employment have received over $4,226,000 in monetary benefits through the administrative efforts of the EEOC.

UNITED SIKHS has been working endlessly with EEOC to solve cases of employment discrimination against Sikhs and has been involved in extensive training efforts to spread awareness amongst the EEOC officials regarding the importance of the five kakaars.

If you have faced any problems or harassment at work due to your kakaars, please contact us at law-usa@unitedsikhs.org. We will make sure your voice is heard. Also, if you wish, we will work with you to conduct trainings for your organization to spread awareness and prevent unpleasant happenings for you and your employer.