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Chennai Needs Your Donation Today

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Chennai, India: UNITED SIKHS began its Chennai Relief Effort on December 2, 2015 in response to the devastating floods that hit the Coromandel Coast of India, with Chennai being one of the cities worst affected. Over 600 people have lost their lives in this calamity, while nearly 1.8 million people have been displaced.

So far, your support has allowed us to:

  • Arrange a ferry to transport groceries to a Gurdwara to prepare hot meals (langar) for flood victims
  • Serve langar to victims three times a day
  • Serve more than 15,000 victims daily
  • Deliver food, milk, water, and other relief materials to victims, regardless of caste, color, creed and religion
  • Assist in establishing medical camps and serving 800 patients

We plan to continue our relief efforts in the days to come by expanding our medical aid services. Our team on the ground headed by Arunjit Kaur and Harsaran Singh will continue to assess the needs of the victims, which we will aim to meet as soon as we have the data.

Our donors have allowed us to keep this effort going, and that support is vital. Donate now to help us continue our relief efforts.

Nature has hit Chennai and the surrounding region with force – Help us fight back!

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