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Part 5: General public of Mukhtsar and their problem

Sri Mukhtsar Sahib


In the last part of this series of United Sikhs team’s visit to Mukhtsar, the aim was to ask the general public of the city about the problems they face. Mukhtsar,  not being a big city, still attracts lot of people from the neighbouring villages for daily wages as lot is happening in terms of construction and of course the medical facilities. Continue reading ‘Part 5: General public of Mukhtsar and their problem’ »

Part 4: Farmers’ dilemma at field in Sri Mukhtsar Sahib.

Sri Mukhtsar Sahib

21 March 2013

Going on to the fields, an essence of greenery went through the mind. The lush green fields give a great sense security regarding food and happiness. One can say that Mukhtsar is like an island in the sea of green fields around.  Nearly the whole city depends upon the production from the farm directly or indirectly as at least one member of the family is associated with the field.” If the production is good the city celebrates, whereas if the production is the other way round the city goes into darkness” tells a local of Mukhtsar. Continue reading ‘Part 4: Farmers’ dilemma at field in Sri Mukhtsar Sahib.’ »

Part 3: Doctors’ conflicting points on Cancer and pesticides in Mukhtsar.

Sri Mukhtsar Sahib

20 March 2013

The recent Punjab State Government Cancer Awareness Survey, revealed allot about the city i.e. Sri Mukhtsar Sahib where it has the highest cancer prevalence, cancer incidence and second highest cancer suspect at 136.3, 343.7 & 446 (in persons per lakh) respectively amongst the total districts of Punjab. The United Sikhs team went to doctors who deal with cancer in the city and also visited two hospitals for further details. Continue reading ‘Part 3: Doctors’ conflicting points on Cancer and pesticides in Mukhtsar.’ »

Part 2: Students on cancer awareness in Sri Mukhtsar Sahib.

Sri Mukhtsar Sahib


Sri Mukhtsar Sahib may not a big city with big educational institutes but over time some of the educational institutions have emerged as sought after ones atleast pulling students from north Indian states, also not to forget is the famous Government College, Mukhtsar will have highest number of seats in the area. The United Sikhs team went to 5 colleges of different educational fields for awareness campaign on awareness on cancer and organic agriculture and also to check the awareness level of the students studying in the area. Continue reading ‘Part 2: Students on cancer awareness in Sri Mukhtsar Sahib.’ »

Part 1: Sri Mukhtsar Sahib: Awareness of cancer and organic farming.

Sri Mukhtsar Sahib

18 March 2013.

With the present day technology, reaching any place is not difficult. There were times in the 60es and 70es in India when even going 300 km off the main highway was a problem; it took days to reach the destination. Taking the United Sikh’s goal of cancer awareness and organic agriculture in Punjab, we made our first stop in Sri Mukhtsar Sahib, the place which is famous for the epic history of the 40 Mukhte. Sri Mukhtsar Sahib is 60km North-West of Bathinda, the only big city nearby. An Ariel view of Sri Mukhtsar Sahib reveals that the place is surrounded by green fields. Globalisation has taken its toll there as nearly all products of all brands are available without any special effort. Continue reading ‘Part 1: Sri Mukhtsar Sahib: Awareness of cancer and organic farming.’ »

Water, cancer, Bathinda and what not!!!

How horrifying is cancer when it is detected in any indivisual, most of them including there well wishers are taken a step back. An important aspect relating to cancer is that the gene which causes cancer i.e. oncogene is present in every human being, in some it reacts while in majority it doesn’t.

In the present day environment, allot depends on the external factors which has resulted in mutations with other gene or viral which has enhanced cancer detection in many individuals. Also a person may or may not be directly related to the problem though he/she may get the burnt for it. The most common case is the problem of Uranium in Faridkot, Punjab where many were detected with cancer who were remotely associated with farms. The problem was in the most essential thing on earth, i.e. water which was consumed by everyone. Also groundwater is the most prominent source of water as bottled water is not abundant in the area. The time when Venice, Italy is revolting against bottled water, a lot is needed in this section of Punjab where the short term need is to stop the use of tap water.

Often known as the cancer belt, the Mansa-Bathinda- Ferozepur sector of Punjab has made headline in Punjab and else were in the country and even the world regarding the wide spread of cancer. The problem is such that it is not tackled in the correct manner with the result that the patients have to look elsewhere and generally they end up to one destination i.e. Acharya Tulsi Regional Cancer Treatment and Research Centre in Bikaner, Rajasthan. As many as 100 patients board the daily trains to Bikaner for a hope of better treatment, terming it the “Cancer express”.

Since the problem is on the rise two things are possible, the first is to increase the frequency of the trains or second it to have a proper measure to control this deadly outbreak of disease by purifying the basic essential of life, a reverse osmosis plant or good quality filter can make a better situation for the present and more importantly the future generation. But remember the options are open and rests with us. But do we need to just think??? while 100 more board the train to BKN (railway code for Bikaner).

Sikh films premier at New York festival

I attended the International Sikh Film Festival over the weekend and one of the most affecting films I saw was about the plight of farmers in the Punjab district of Sangrur. The film, Harvest of Grief, produced by Isas Basu, highlighted the miseries of farmer families after their breadwinners committed suicide due to debt problems.

The heart-breaking stories provide faces that humanize the statistics and ties in with the work UNITED SIKHS has been doing with farmers and their families for years in Sangrur, Punjab. The film states that the severe agricultural crisis in the Punjab is a result of economic liberalization, globalization and the myopic business strategies of profit-seeking multinational corporations.

To see a trailer for the film please click here. Please consider donating to UNITED SIKHS to help this cause. Donations can be made through our website:

Other films premiered included Holy Kitchens about the tradition of Langar (free community kitchen) within the Sikh faith by Vikas Khanna and Rebel Queen a historical biographical documentary about Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s most feisty wife, Maharani Jindan Kaur, directed by Michael Singh.

Among the guests was legendary Indian actor, Raj Babbar, who rallied the audience to keep the flame for Sikh causes burning.

UNITED SIKHS works with Oxford University to promote education in Punjab

usouta_spokesman_article_20091  Dhulka, Punjab, India: 9 Undergraduate students of Oxford University reached Punjab on August 4, 2009 to teach English at local public schools. The main aim of this program is to increase awareness amongst the local children and to encourage them to think beyond borders.

UNITED SIKHS has been running the UNITED SIKHS-Oxford University Travel Aid Project since 2006 with the aim of helping the people of Punjab develop a global mindset and approach. Under the project, undergraduate students from Oxford visit Punjab every year to teach English to the local village children. In addition to teaching them conversational English, the teachers also touch upon technical subjects like maths and science to promote a scientific approach. Continue reading ‘UNITED SIKHS works with Oxford University to promote education in Punjab’ »

Sublime Poetry Session by CAOF Students-UNITED SIKHS India

This video is made by UNITED SIKHS-UK volunteer Sandeep Singh during his visit to India. Students of Khalsa college and neighboring schools in Amritsar district are gathered for a local Kavi Darbar event. 

To know more about UNITED SIKHS Literary Project click:

Continue reading ‘Sublime Poetry Session by CAOF Students-UNITED SIKHS India’ »