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H1N1 (Swine Flu) Information in Punjabi

Doctors in NYC may get FREE H1N1 vaccine from NYC DOH

Doctors in New York city wishing to get H1N1 vaccine for their patients for FREE, may order the H1N1 vaccine at NO COST by registering with the NYC Department of Health’s Bureau of Immunization at

H1N1 Vaccine FREE to ANY New Yorker THIS WEEKEND

The New York City Department of Health is Giving FREE ‘Swine flu’ vaccine to ANYONE over 4 years of age ( INCLUDING HEALTHY adults) for FREE.

See here for the detailed information about the sites in the 5 boroughs.

Vaccination sites are open Saturday, 12/12  from 9AM to 6PM, and on Sunday, 12/13 from 9AM to 5PM.

In Queens, IS-25 Adrien Block, 34-65 192 Street, is the swine flu clinic site.

Please share with EVERYONE interested ASAP…

Harmeet Singh Narula, MD

13th December:Advancing Care Together: Blood Drives: 2 Locations in New Jersey

Upcoming Event: We need volunteers to donate blood and also to assist on this day in Port Reading New Jersey.

Every 2.5 seconds, someone needs blood…It could be a friend, a family member or maybe even you.


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Health Fair: 13th December: Free Health Screening

UNITED SIKHS and Queens Health Network are conducting a health fair in the Makhan Shah Lobaba Gurdwara Saheb on the 13th of December.  Free screening will be provided for the following: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Screening, Prostate Cancer Screening and Health Insurance Enrollment.  Continue reading ‘Health Fair: 13th December: Free Health Screening’ »

Volunteers Needed:September National Preparedness Month-Message from Homeland Security

homelandsecurity  8th Sept, 2009, New York: Volunteers are needed to inform the members of the community of the National Preparedness efforts by the Homeland Security and how one can participate.  Please call 888-243-1690, if you want to volunteer, in the National Preparedness Month with the Homeland Security.

Message from Homeland Security
“This month, we ask all Americans to visit to learn what they can do to help their families, businesses and communities stay safe during an emergency—whether it be hurricanes like Katrina, the fires we are fighting in California or pandemic influenza.”

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Humanitarian Response Highlights/Key Priorities-Pakistan

humanitarianhubsanddistribpoints-pak1st Sep 2009, Peshawar: Jean-Maurice Ripert of France has been appointed Special UN Envoy for Assistance to Pakistan

UN completed a high-level mission to Mingora in Swat District to assess the prevailing humanitarian situation

All 4,830 schools occupied by IDPs have been vacated and rehabilitation of schools has started

Situation Overview: According to the government, as of 24th August over 233,450 families of the 329,000 families registered and verified by the North West Frontier Province (NWFP)  Government as Internally Displaced People (IDPs), have returned to their places of origin.  The districts to which the people have returned are: Nowshera, Peshawar, Mardan, Charsadda and Swabi. The above is again based on the reports from the UN.  Many of the IDPs still haven’t received the IDP status as they have been living with their friends and families.  The Sikhs who came from Khuram Agency and Orakzai Agency fall in this category. Continue reading ‘Humanitarian Response Highlights/Key Priorities-Pakistan’ »

Sikh Aid: A Guide for Parents on “Flu” by CDC

29th April 2009:  Below is an essential guide recommended for parents by the Center For Disease Control. 
We advise the readers to
1) Print the Guide for Parents and place it in the local Gurdwaras

2) Address the sangat on what this and what precautions need to be taken by parents.

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Action Alert: Update on Swine Flue

26th April, 2009:  Answers to questions on what, where and how, the Swine Flue impacts us are answered below by the City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for Principals. Continue reading ‘Action Alert: Update on Swine Flue’ »

19th April: Parenting Workshop: Advancing Care Together

19th April, Richmond Hill, New  York:  Dr Jasjeet Kaur, MD, conducted a Parenting Skills workshop at the UNITED SIKHS Educare Center, in Richmond Hill, New York.  The topics covered were on based on the following questions: Is your child not doing

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