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LA celebrates Vaisakhi 2010: Special emphasis on counting Sikhs correctly in Census

The City of Los Angeles and the Sikh community of Southern California came together to celebrate 311 years of formation of the Khalsa on April 4, 2010. For this years celebration, the main focus was on census 2010 and the campaign of getting a separate count for Sikhs in future Census products.

Jesse Singh, a resident of San Diego, who as been a front runner in this campaign for more than 6 months now spoke at the event and said, “Statistics tells a lot about a communities history over time, trends, enumeration – the actual amount of Sikhs living in the U.S – this alone transcends into other statistics like commerce data – jobs, employment discrimination, mentioning of Sikhs in American textbooks on a national platform, it brings awareness to the Sikh community by non-Sikhs.”

Jesse especially thanked UNITED SIKHS and their legal team for their efforts in the past for “taking the bull by the horns”. Jesse Singh with Bibi Ji, Yogi Bhajan Ji's wife, and Jagjit Singh

If you haven’t received your Census form yet, please go to to find the closest assistance center and get your form.

Gurdwara Census Count Pictures

Escondido and Poway Team San Diego makes the Push for Sikhs to get Counted in 2010 Census.

Identify yourself as “SIKH” in census 2010

UNITED SIKHS, along with other organizations like Sikh Coalition and the South Asian Coalition of organizations, SAALT (South Asian Americans Leading Together) contacted Karem Humes last year to discuss the coding methodology for Census 2010. The letter sent by Ms. Humes in reply stated that even if a person writes in “Sikh” on the census form, the person would be automatically counted as “Asian Indian.”

However, after receipt of the letter, UNITED SIKHS did not drop the issue. It is important that the Sikh community together join hands to advocate for this cause. And dropping the issue does not help. Continue reading ‘Identify yourself as “SIKH” in census 2010’ »

And the praises go to ………

The Sikh Times, a prestigious Sikh newspaper based out of the United Kingdom published the following article on the United Sikhs humanitarian efforts in Haiti.

And the praises go to ……….United Sikhs

A Sikh charity United Sikhs has been praised by the President of America, Barack  Obama. Continue reading ‘And the praises go to ………’ »

Sikh Education Fund Scholarship

The applications for the 2010 Sirdar Kapur Singh Scholarship are now open. Please read more about it at

The Sikh Education Foundation (SEF)

Every year, Sikhs graduate from Oxbridge and Ivy League universities and go on to enjoy distinguished careers. However, the Sikh community has not tapped this rich scholastic resource to meet its challenges. Many more bright Sikh students do not make it to these prestigious universities due to lack of funds.

This has been due to two main reasons: Firstly, the Sikh community at large has limited access to these scholars and secondly, the scholars do not know how they could serve the Sikh community’s needs.

The Sikh Education Foundation had a natural birth in 2006. The time was right to set up an educational fund to engage Sikh graduates from prestigious universities at a time when the Sikh community faced challenges to their identity. To meet the needs of our advocacy, humanitarian relief and human development projects, UNITED SIKHS set up the Sikh Education Foundation to reach out to the ‘brains’ of the community.

UNITED SIKHS set up the first Sikh Education Foundation chapter at Harvard University in 2006. All scholars of the Harvard Sikh Educational Foundation are called Sirdar Kapur Singh Scholars.

The first Sirdar Kapur Singh scholar in 2006 was Sonu Kaur from Amritsar, Panjab, who is studying for her Masters in Public Policy degree at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She received $17,000 under the award.


The Foundation is run as a trust held by or under the control of the trustees (subject to the payment of all expenses properly incurred in connection with the scheme) to apply the income and the capital of the fund for The Advancement of Education through:

  a) Funding by scholarship, prize, grant or bursary all or part or to such extent
      as deemed appropriate by the trustees, the education of Sikhs eligible to
      participate in the scheme in accordance with the rules; and

  b) Funding by grant any individual, organization or company that undertakes
     research, teaching or carries out projects in relation to the preservation
     and study of Sikh History, Culture and Religion 

FUNDING is based on: 1) Outright donations from :

        i. The Public
        ii. The Sikh Aid fund to fund scholars studying developmental subjects
        iii. Gurdwaras to fund Sikh culture history and religion scholars
        iv. Sikh associations e.g. Sikh doctors association, Sikh lawyers
            association,to fund scholars studying in their particular area of
2) Sponsors to take up covenants to pay the interest for loans they underwrite for scholars, payable over 5 years after graduation. This gives donors tax breaks and the scholar obtains a loan for the full cost of their education with no burden until after graduation. Donors will be inspired to participate in this as they will not be paying the full amount of the loan interest because of tax breaks.

c) Scholarships, grants and bursaries for ALL areas of study with more awards      given to:

        1) Law
        2) Media
        3) Arts
        4) Developmental studies
        5) Social Studies

This list will be dynamic based on the current needs of community.

  d) SEF provides internships, career guidance and mentoring facilities to
     prepare aspiring applicants and for scholars on graduation.


         1) HARVARD
         2) STANFORD
         3) BOSTON
         4) NYU
         5) COLUMBIA
         6) BROWN
         7) UC BERKELEY
         8) PRINCETON
         9) YALE
        10) CORNELL

Please click here to fill the application form.You can also submit the following to :

  • a resume
  • a passport sized photo
  • a Statement of Purpose, explaining how their studies would benefit the community and humanity

13th December:Advancing Care Together: Blood Drives: 2 Locations in New Jersey

Upcoming Event: We need volunteers to donate blood and also to assist on this day in Port Reading New Jersey.

Every 2.5 seconds, someone needs blood…It could be a friend, a family member or maybe even you.


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Call to Action to the UN Summit on Climate Change

10th Sept, 2009, Manhattan, New York:  UNITED SIKHS will be representing the Sikh voice in the call to action to the UN Summit on climate change this fall.  The Sikh delegation will make a presentation and represent the Sikh view/opinion on this subject.  Admission to the event is free and all are welcome.

Note:  Please carry a government issued photo i.d. and a copy of the invitation to ensure admission.
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Volunteers Needed: Sikhs commemorating the victims of 9/11, war and terror with Multifaith Leaders

Manhattan, New York:  A traditional Japanese floating lanterns ceremony commemorating the victims of the WTC tragedy will take place on Friday, September 11 at Pier 40 (south side) led by Rev. T.K. Nakagaki of the New York Buddhist Church with the assistance of the Interfaith Center of New York. All are invited to attend.

Friday, September 11, 2009  6pm – 9pm;
South Side of Pier 40 (W. Houston St. & West Street);
Subway: #1 to Houston Street

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Cutting along the lines-Selfless Saturdays

Manhattan, New York, 11th July 2009: On July 11th the Selfless Saturdays group decided to help out at P.S. 124 in Chinatown. Kids (much like me) need visual tools to help them grasp math concepts like fractions so the teachers needed various shapes cut out of construction paper. That’s where this group came into the picture!
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