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6 More Used Laptops to be Donated!

United Sikhs sevadars, Kashmir Singh and Jatinder Singh deserve a round of applause… They run the Western Regional office in Fremont, California and have actively sought out more laptop donations for Siaya district hospital in rural Kenya. They have identified 6 more donations!

They also assisted in the last donation drive which allowed us to send 8 machines which have already been put to use. The staff is reporting an immediate productivity boost during power fluctuations. They can keep working due to the machines having batteries as compared with their peers whose machines reboot every time there is a power glitch.  The demand for these “new” kind of laptops has soared!

This is the kind of self-less seva that United Sikhs is known for. There is no Singh or Kaur who works at Siaya District Hospital, no Sikh mariz. Yet United Sikhs is there helping. Where there is a need, there is a Sikh willing to pitch in to help.

Laptop Donation Drive For Hospital Facility in Kenya Yields 8 Machines – THANK YOU and Keep Them Coming!!

Our laptop drive yield was 8 laptops which are on their way to the hospital in Kenya. This is our 8th shipment and the facility should now have about 55 workstations. Let’s keep our momentum going and reach our goal of 100. I am sure people have old machines sitting in their closets which are too slow for Windows or don’t have hard drives. We want them!


Contact UNITED SIKHS, 39126 State Street, Fremont, CA 94538

Call for Laptop Donations for Hospital Facility in Kenya

Community Appeal
Immediate Need of Laptops at Siaya Hospital in Rural Kenya

  • Need 15-inch laptops in working order with batteries and a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. Hard drives are optional. Ship to UNITED SIKHS 39126 State Street, Fremont, CA 94538
  • 15000+ patients seen since April 2012 using the open-source technology supplied by MediGrail LLC.
  • The work accomplished can be seen at:

San Jose, CA: UNITED SIKHS is putting a  fervent and immediate call for LAPTOP DONATIONS! A team of high school students is leaving for a trip from the West coast to Kisumu, Kenya in mid-July 2012. We have a window of opportunity that should not be missed. Continue reading ‘Call for Laptop Donations for Hospital Facility in Kenya’ »

Need your vote

Medigrail and United Sikhs team automated a hospital in rural Kenya, increasing safety and quality of medical care to the people.
Now MediGrail needs your help…
MediGrail, LLC has a chance to win $250,000 from Chase & Living Social. The race is tough and they need 2,500 votes. Please ask friends and family to vote for MediGrail by following these simple steps:
1. Go to
2. Click “Log in and Support” under “Log in with facebook.”
3. Login with Facebook
4. Enter information below and press Search
a. Business name: MediGrail
b. State: California
c. City: Morgan Hill
5. Click on Vote for MediGrail

Thanks for helping out and spreading the word!!

Bahgat Puran Singh’s Spirit Lives on in United Sikhs-BPSHI Health Camps

Thanks to the superb organizational skills and dedication of the University of California, Davis students, they are hosting health camps at:

  • San Jose Vaisakhi Mela, Evergreen High School, 3300 Quimby Road, San Jose, CA 95148, Sunday: May 27, 2012, 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm
  • Sikh Day Parade, Berkeley, University Avenue, Downtown, Berkeley, Sunday: Jun 3, 2012, 10:00 to 12:00 (Parade will start at 12:00 PM)

The quality of their clinics has been outstanding and has caught the attention of United Sikhs and MediGrail, an Electronic Medical Records startup in the Bay Area. These organizations have come together to host more medical clinics/camps in the future.

If you feel the fire within, please get involved by contacting Sharanpreet Kaur,, or Parmveer Singh,, website is