This week, your donations will be doubled by #DasvandhNetwork. Make a bigger difference.


We appreciate your support in the past, which allowed us to initiate natural disaster relief projects. For more details click here. Our recent relief efforts include Nepal Earthquake Relief, Myanmar Flood Relief and Washington Wildfire Relief. #DasvandhWeek begins this Saturday, November 7, and lasts until Sunday, November 15.

During this week, all donations made towards the UNITED SIKHS GurKirpa Health Network project and UNITED SIKHS natural disaster relief efforts will be DOUBLED by the Dasvandh Network.

To donate to our natural disaster relief efforts through the Dasvandh network, click here.
To donate to the Gurkirpa Health Network through the Dasvandh network, click here.

The Dasvandh Network is an online giving platform where donors and organizations can actively participate in the spirit of Dasvandh, or share part of one’s earnings towards the betterment of society.

The UNITED SIKHS Gurkirpa Health Network Hospital treats 700 to 1200 individuals every month for typhoid, dehydration, minor and serious accidental cases, and various other ailments. This health center also aims to address the drug epidemic in Panjab, India, by serving 40,000 individuals who are in need of drug rehabilitation. Click here for more details.

This year, your support changed lives. In 2016, we have no plans of slowing down. It was an honor to work with donors, volunteers, and supporters from every corner of the globe in 2015, to whom we extend our utmost gratitude. We hope that you will join hands with us in our effort to recognize the human race as one in the new year.

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