Unity for Ferguson

As an international civil and human rights advocacy organization dedicated to representing minorities around the world, UNITED SIKHS stands united with the family of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who despite being unarmed, was shot six times by a police officer.

We join our partner communities around the United States in disappointment and sadness by the grand jury’s decision yesterday to not indict the police officer in question.

Sikh community members in the United States have been mistaken for terrorists ever since 9/11/2001 due to physical appearances. We, more than most, understand the feeling associated with being targeted and hated before given a chance. The increasing mistrust between law enforcement and minority communities needs to be addressed through education and sensitivity trainings, similar to those conducted by UNITED SIKHS in North Carolina, Mississippi, and New Jersey.

We stand with President Obama and the Brown family in hope that there will be peaceful and constructive protest and dialogue between the community and the government to address the bias and racial profiling issues still prevalent in our society.

UNITED SIKHS has engaged with civil rights partners and the White House for updates on what the Administration is doing to help Ferguson, and how we can assist. We also join hands with other advocacy groups in urging the Department of Justice to do everything in their power to investigate Brown’s death and the policing practices by the Ferguson Police Department, and bring justice to light.