Part 5: General public of Mukhtsar and their problem

Sri Mukhtsar Sahib


In the last part of this series of United Sikhs team’s visit to Mukhtsar, the aim was to ask the general public of the city about the problems they face. Mukhtsar,  not being a big city, still attracts lot of people from the neighbouring villages for daily wages as lot is happening in terms of construction and of course the medical facilities.

The general public is not much aware of the fact that Mukhtsar has alarming rate of cancer as per the Punjab government’s report. Though it may not be important for the general public for to have a detail of the survey, no one seems interested to see the problem as such there than some nationwide NGOs or the hospitals which spread awareness as a routine for them.  After asking many citizens it was found that the problem of cancer is there in nearly every house as one member is suffering from cancer but the positive side is that the citizens have no problem with diagnosis as it is easily done followed by state government’s scheme of supporting cancer patients in terms of monetary funds and subsidised medicines. When it comes to food, the term organic agricultural products are totally an alien for them as the people there eat only what is available locally i.e. non-organic products. The people do not care as it hardly matters to them in this field.

After all the interviews, it was concluded that the problem of cancer is troubling as moreover the people of the state is getting more aware of the problem. The state has installed reverse osmosis plants in all the big places for better water supply. But there is more to be done there, the people need to be made aware of the problem in a correct way so that they do not believe in myths followed by proper counselling regarding the way to go regarding treatment, if any.


Amitoj Singh


United Sikhs India.

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