Part 4: Farmers’ dilemma at field in Sri Mukhtsar Sahib.

Sri Mukhtsar Sahib

21 March 2013

Going on to the fields, an essence of greenery went through the mind. The lush green fields give a great sense security regarding food and happiness. One can say that Mukhtsar is like an island in the sea of green fields around.  Nearly the whole city depends upon the production from the farm directly or indirectly as at least one member of the family is associated with the field.” If the production is good the city celebrates, whereas if the production is the other way round the city goes into darkness” tells a local of Mukhtsar.

The farmers of this region are not the original owner s of the land, they are working for their landlords sitting elsewhere. Organic farming constitutes not more than 2 % of the total farming in the area. It is the modern farming methods which are used to grow crops. The problem with the farmers is that they are helpless on using pesticides as the natural method is risky, a risk which they cannot bear as their whole 6 months depend upon the current production which can only be saved with the help of pesticides and insecticides. Also, on an overall basis, the monoculture of wheat in tone season and rice in the other is also a problem as the risk on crop failure itself digs a deeper well for the farmers and their owners.

As a measure to improve the farming system in the area, suggestion came out from them was an assurance from the farm owners that organic farming will be used which may not initially give the desired amount of production. Also, an awareness needs to be created to limit the use of pesticides and the use of safety measures like gloves, masks, jackets while spraying pesticides to reduce the occupational disease of farming.


Amitoj Singh
Coordinator, UNITED SIKHS India

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