Part 1: Sri Mukhtsar Sahib: Awareness of cancer and organic farming.

Sri Mukhtsar Sahib

18 March 2013.

With the present day technology, reaching any place is not difficult. There were times in the 60es and 70es in India when even going 300 km off the main highway was a problem; it took days to reach the destination. Taking the United Sikh’s goal of cancer awareness and organic agriculture in Punjab, we made our first stop in Sri Mukhtsar Sahib, the place which is famous for the epic history of the 40 Mukhte. Sri Mukhtsar Sahib is 60km North-West of Bathinda, the only big city nearby. An Ariel view of Sri Mukhtsar Sahib reveals that the place is surrounded by green fields. Globalisation has taken its toll there as nearly all products of all brands are available without any special effort.

Mukhtsar was in news for the reason it should have not been. In the recent Punjab State Government Cancer Awareness Survey, Sri Mukhtsar Sahib has the highest cancer prevalence, cancer incidence and second highest cancer suspect at 136.3, 343.7 & 446 (in persons per lakh) respectively amongst the total districts of Punjab. Also, Sri Mukhtsar Sahib, a place which lies in the Malwa belt of Punjab, a geographical area which is in news since the last 5 years regarding the high rate of cancer prevalence/detection and other fatal diseases with many deaths taking place whereby the chief reason claimed is high content of Uranium in ground water and over use of pesticides sprays in fields which seep into ground water and adding to the vows. The problem is definitely not new as these take at least 10-20years to take effect.

The problem is huge, sensing the same the United Sikhs team when to colleges, hospitals, farmers and questioned the members of the public for the their opinion and also gave some awareness points for a better living in the future. In this 5 part article series, opinions of various parties of Mukhtsar will be narrated.

Amitoj Singh
Coordinator, UNITED SIKHS India

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