Wisconsin Sikh Community shattered – Another Sikh Man Shot and Killed

17th Aug, 2012, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: The Sikh Community has not yet recovered from the tragic shooting on Aug 5th, 2012 at Oak Creek Gurdwara sahib, when the news of another shooting shattered the community. Dalbir Singh, 56, was shot and killed on Wednesday night while closing his store at north-side neighborhood market in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

 Initial reports indicate that Dalbir Singh was shot and killed in an attempted robbery at his store. The Milwaukee police department is saying that the investigation is currently ongoing but there is no evidence that it is a hate crime case.  “Dalbir Singh was  a practising Sikh who used to visit the Gurdwara at Oak Creek almost every day where on August 5th, a white supremacist, Wade Michael Page, opened fire and killed six Sikhs and one critically wounded. On that fatal day Dalbir didn’t visit the Gurdwara but fate had something else in works that has shocked the community once again”, said Harcharn Singh Gill.
Does our Identity make us easy targets for robberies and assaults, is a question that UNITED SIKHS is asking the law authorities. On 30th March, in Las Vegas, Amandeep Kaur’s husband, a 31-year-old businessman Amanpreet Singh, the father of their two-year-old and four-year-old sons, was robbed, shot and killed while making a deposit at the Wells Fargo bank branch near Eastern and Sunset. No one has been arrested till today. There are scores of such incidents that have taken place.

The UNITED SIKHS emergency response team (on the ground in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) comprises of trained professionals in counseling while addressing individual concerns of those impacted by these incidents. There are still many who continue to struggle in silence. To address this concern and to prepare the community, in case such tragic events repeat themselves, our editorial team in collaboration with top trauma specialists have prepared this self training manual. UNITED SIKHS recommends that community members and Gurdwaras go through this self training manual. 

Please feel free to call UMEED (a national family resource center), launched by UNITED SIKHS with a 24 hour, toll free, helpline at 1-855-US-UMEED (1-855-878-6333). This helpline provides confidential and professional counselling to all members of the community.

Hate Crime is a serious issue that impacts us all and we must all join to BEAT it.
To Carry out your Pledge against Hate Crime, we urge you to do the following NOW:
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 Write a letter to the President of the USA and submit the letter in person or by post to the White House or at an American Embassy near where you live. Click here for a template letter, which you should print, complete, sign and submit.

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We will continue to update the community on the latest developments. Let’s pray together for the innocent victims in this hour of crisis.
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Jatinder Singh
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  1. Dear Veerji
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

    Contact Information Request – Dalbir Singh – Wisconsin

    Representatives from the Pittsburgh Sikh Gurdwara will be visiting the Wisconsin Gurdwara on Sunday – September 23, 2012 as a gesture of support to the Wisconsin Sikh Community. During this visit we would also like to visit Dalbir Singh’s family. Can you please provide with his family’s contact information or point me in the right direction? Please let me know.

    Bhul Chuk Muaf

    Chitratan Singh

    Chitratan Singh
    E-mail: chitratan@gmail.com
    Cell #: (256) 479 – 6822