Hurricane Irene Update: Disaster Assistance Guides

19th Sep 2011, New York, NY:  Attached are disaster assistance guides produced by local 2-1-1, New York State and the Long Island VOAD.  The guides outline resources and forms of assistance available to those impacted by recent storms.  They list numerous programs and services that many may not be aware of.   Please share these guides with the general public, community groups, local officials and any other stakeholders you think might be interested.  Help your clients receive the aid they need; please encourage all of your colleagues to print these guides and get them in the hands of disaster relief workers and those they serve.

 The guides and their future updates can be on the web at the following addresses:

Long Island:
Northeast New York:
Hudson Valley and Adirondack regions:
New York  State handbook:


Gurvinder Singh, Sikh Aid
1-888-243-1690 | 1-469-22206288


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