Hurricane Irene Update from NYC VOAD

1. Approved Operational Transition Statement- American Red Cross

This is a statement issued by the American Red Cross of Greater New York containing operational information agreed upon between the American Red Cross and the New York City Office of Emergency Management regarding Coastal Storm Plan ongoing operations:

As Hurricane Irene has passed New York City, its effects our being felt throughout the region as it continues it path north. For this reason, in agreement with New York City’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM), American Red Cross staff and volunteers are encouraged to remain in their positions supporting the City’s Coastal Storm Plan until their respective shifts are completed today, August 28, 2011.

NYC OEM has released ARC staff and volunteers to address the ongoing recovery efforts in the New York region, where disaster effects are currently being assessed. These emergency response activities represent a critical human services needs of displaced and effected peoples in low-lying flooded areas.

This continually evolving scenario holds precedent for ARC/GNY to deploy all available Red Cross workers to New York State, Long Island, and to support regional needs.

The American Red Cross of Greater New York remains committed to support the Office of Emergency Management in all of its activities.

As of Monday, August 29, 2011, OEM releases ARC staffing needs from the Coastal Storm Plan.

All available Red Cross volunteers should make their staffing availability known to ARC DRO #772-12 Staff Service:
Local Community Volunteers, Tim Pitoniak,<>
All others, contact:
Staff Planning and Support, Stephanie Braganza,<>





2. Citywide Storm Data









Subject: Citywide Storm Data – 1500 Hrs

Current Wind Speed (MPH)

Central Park – W16 Gust 31


JFK – W 29 Gust 37


Trees Reports by Borough:



Trees Down, Split, Uprooted – 1075

Previous Update Totals – 985


By Boro-




Trees Down, Split, Uprooted – 59

Previous Update Totals – 56




Trees Down, Split, Uprooted – 310

Previous Update Totals – 283




Trees Down, Split, Uprooted – 27

Previous Update Totals – 22




Trees Down, Split, Uprooted – 539

Previous Update Totals – 491




Trees Down, Split, Uprooted – 140

Previous Update Totals – 133


Electrical Customer Outages by Borough
Citywide- 68760
Bronx- 5155
Brooklyn- 10441
Manhattan- 2
Queens- 37480
Con Ed- 33344
LIPA- 4136
Staten Island- 17035

EMS Incidents (Today as of Midnight): 1831
EMS Incidents (Yesterday): 4151

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