Will Obama visit Harmandar Sahib, or won’t he?

The Indian press got into a tizzy this week over President Obama possibly cancelling his trip to Harmandar Sahib, the holiest Sikh shrine in the world when he visits India in November. Team Obama has reportedly visited many sites in anticipation of the trip and the agenda is not yet confirmed.

If the President does visit Amritsar, it is a chance for him to stand as a champion for rights of religious minorities all over the world. Let’s hope he does. Please read UNITED SIKHS’ response addressing these concerns of cancellation.

UNITED SIKHS wants to urge the Sikh community and all others concerned with raising the visibility of religious minorities to express how important it is for President Obama to visit Harmandar Sahib, through the White House’s Twitter and Facebook sites. Please make your voice heard!

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