Sikhs represented at National Community Committee in Seattle, WA

From October 10 to 13 2010, I attended the Annual Meeting of the National Community Conference (NCC) in Seattle, WA. The National Community Conference is one of the seven sub-committees that guides the Prevention Research Center (PRC) program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); these centers conduct research on chronic disease prevention and management. The meeting was attended by representatives from 37 Prevention Research Centers across the country.

With other participants from all over the country

I attended the meeting as a community representative of the Health Promotion and Prevention Research Center at the New York University School of Medicine (NYU PRC), where UNITED SIKHS is one of the three community partners on a diabetes prevention and management project in the South Asian and Korean communities. Incidentally, the NYU PRC is one of the few that conducts research on South Asian communities and I was the only South Asian participant in attendance.

NCC representatives share information on how communities are best served through community based participatory research, where communities and researchers are equal partners in the research and dissemination process. Additionally, NCC also advocates to build capacity and sustainability within communities where research is undertaken so their ongoing needs in the area are addressed.

As an organization, UNITED SIKHS sees this as an opportunity to advocate nationally for health concerns of not only the Sikh community, but also the South Asian communities [at large] and bring those voices to discussions on how marginalized and disadvantaged communities [can] have the best possible access to health information and services.

UNITED SIKHS is adding new programs with a health focus and with opportunities to intern and/or volunteer with the programs. If you are interested in participating in these programs, please contact me, Rucha Kavathe, at

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