Sikh films premier at New York festival

I attended the International Sikh Film Festival over the weekend and one of the most affecting films I saw was about the plight of farmers in the Punjab district of Sangrur. The film, Harvest of Grief, produced by Isas Basu, highlighted the miseries of farmer families after their breadwinners committed suicide due to debt problems.

The heart-breaking stories provide faces that humanize the statistics and ties in with the work UNITED SIKHS has been doing with farmers and their families for years in Sangrur, Punjab. The film states that the severe agricultural crisis in the Punjab is a result of economic liberalization, globalization and the myopic business strategies of profit-seeking multinational corporations.

To see a trailer for the film please click here. Please consider donating to UNITED SIKHS to help this cause. Donations can be made through our website:

Other films premiered included Holy Kitchens about the tradition of Langar (free community kitchen) within the Sikh faith by Vikas Khanna and Rebel Queen a historical biographical documentary about Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s most feisty wife, Maharani Jindan Kaur, directed by Michael Singh.

Among the guests was legendary Indian actor, Raj Babbar, who rallied the audience to keep the flame for Sikh causes burning.

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