Tri State Gurdwaras Meet at Singh Sabha Gurdwara NJ & Decide to Write Sikh in the Census Form

Port Reading New Jersey, 13th March 2010: In a meeting convened by Joga Singh (member of Glenrock Gurdwara Saheb) the present members unanimously decided that the Sikhs should write “SIKH” in the census form for 2010 under the “Some other race” column

It was decided that the Sikhs should

1) Respond to the Census Questionnaire:
All households in United States will receive a questionnaire that you or a member of the household will need to accuratelyanswer. Sikhs need to actively participate in the survey by completing the information in the questionnaire.

To see a sample form and to read more about the Census, visit

Does America know who the Sikhs are? Sikhs first came to the United States in the 1800s. After more than 130 years, Sikhs are still virtually unknown to most Americans, and are not counted by the Census Bureau and hence this is our chance

 2) Write-in “Sikh” appropriately. Under the “Some other race” category, fill in “Sikh”.  This is an important step toward accurate tabulation of all Sikhs in United States, particularly as a follow-up to the petition, to show by  example, that we want to be counted correctly.

Members of the following institutions participated or gave their consent over the phone:

Gurdwara  Saheb Name

1) Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Port Reading, New Jersey

2) Bridgewater Gurdwara Saheb

3) Glenrock Gurdwara Saheb (UNITED SIKHS

4) Singh Sabha(UNITED SIKHS)

5) Sikh Cultural Society of New York Inc.

6) Dashmesh Darbar Gurdwara Saheb

7) Panjab Express Newspaper

8) Gurdwara Saheb, Blue Mountain PA

9) Glenrock (UNITED SIKHS)

10) Nanak Naam Jahaaz Gurdwara

11) CJSA Windsor NJ


13) Sikhs For Justice

14) Ramgharia Sikh Sangat of North America

15) The Sikh Cultural Society of New York, Richmond Hill, NY

16) Afghan Sikh Association

17) Pennsylvania Sadh Sangat

18) The Sikh Center of New York Inc, Flushing, Inc

Jaspreet Singh
UNITED SIKHS-Staff Attorney


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