Census Official confirms that Sikhs should write “Sikh” in Other Category on the Census form

On March 3, 2010, the Atlanta area Sangat organized a Sikh Complete Count Committee (SCCC) meeting with the Census Bureau. Nigel Rajadurai answered the questions that every Sikh has been asking. Here is a transcript of the Q&A session with the Census Officer:

1 On question 9 – can we write in the word ‘SIKH’ in the “Some other race” category? Yes

2 Will the computer reject the form? No

3 Will someone eventually read what is filled in the “Some other category”? Yes, that is why we have that category.

4 Are there other minorities that are not an identified race have been counted in the past? Yes, there are several tribes, ethnic and ancestry groups that do not have a nation state or an identified race but are in significant numbers and have been able to be successfully counted as a people using this approach.

To see what kind of minorities have been successful in getting themselves counted in the 2000 Census, you can go to http://factfinder.census.gov/ – highlight ‘Fact Sheet’ – click on ‘Fact Sheet for a Race, Ethnic or Ancestry Group’.

In the 2000 Census, groups with more than 20,000 counts were reported at the National level, and groups with more than a 500 count at the state level.

They further added that a lot of minority groups are not happy with the racial categories that are on the form. Hence, the Census Bureau has provided a place for them to be counted or represented using the ‘Some other race’ category.

To read more about this meeting, visit http://www.sikhchic.com/columnists/stand_up_be_counted.

UNITED SIKHS again urges the Sikh population of USA, whether citizens, residents, aliens or visitors, to fill in the form by marking “Other” in Q9 and filling in “SIKH”.

Sikhs have been underrepresented in the US society for very long and we cannot ask for our rights from the Congress without an official count.

Join us in this mission to ensure a fair society for our children. Please sign the petition submitted to the Office of Management and Budget and Census Bureau at http://www.unitedsikhs.org/petitions/census.php

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  1. Gurvinder Singh says:

    It is urgent we move quickly to assure we are counted. This occurs every 10 years. To ascertain any rights we have to EXIST. Our children will question as to when such a momentous occasion and movement was in place what did you do. Lest I say, I stood idly by and only analyzed. Great initiative UNITED SIKHS. Waheguru meher karey.