14th Feb 2010, Santo Domingo: UNITED SIKHS welcomes Councillor Vicky Dhillon from Brampton Ontario. He is on a sewa mission to serve the Haitian community that has suffered an incalculable loss.  We are humbled that people from all walks of life are here serving the Haitian community. A note that was emailed about him from his fan is attached below:



By: Surjit Singh Flora

BRAMPTON: The people of Haiti continue to struggle in the wake of the devastating earthquake there. While many have already generously donated their time and money, the situation is still grim in the island nation and Haitian people are stil…l in dire need.
After the quake United Sikhs launched in 48 hours a global humanitarian aid effort to assist with rescue and rehabilitation efforts in Haiti and start serving the fresh food.
Brampton Mayor Susan Fennel, at City Council meeting on Wednesday February 10, proudly announced that Councillor Vicky Dhillon from Ward 9-10 will be going to Haiti to represent Brampton. Once there, Dhillon will encourage more groups and organization to come forward and help Haiti. Besides, Dhillon would boost the United Sikhs by helping them. The Sikh community always proud of him because he always rise to the occasion for the community cause.
Bramptonians should also be proud of him as he has been leaving for Haiti from Feb 14 to Feb 22 to represent the city of Brampton.
Dhillon would be carrying 1500 shirts, printed ‘Brampton Care Haiti’, lots of tooth brushes, dry food, shoes etc. Mayor Susan Fennell has also appealed Bramptonians to donate summer clothes for our friends in need in Haiti.

“City of Brampton and the Sikhs have a strong and vibrant community and we want our Bramptonians to have an opportunity to assist Haiti once again to become a strong and vibrant community. Together we can make a difference during this extremely difficult time,” Vicky Dhillon said.

Surjit Singh Flora
80 Redpoll Court , Brampton, ON L6Y 4A5 CANADAS


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