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Check out this great effort by Sikhcess – UNITED SIKHS wishes them the best in winning these funds from Chase – take a look below and see how you can vote for change.

From Sikhcess:

Sikhcess, a community service based non-profit is competing against 99 other top non-profits to win $1 million dollars as part of Chase Community Giving.

Rather than focus on one issue or community, Sikhcess came up with a BIG idea.  What’s the best solution to facing global calamities, including war, crime, poverty and drug proliferation?

Providing a world-class education to the world’s children.  All 2.2 billion of them.

This curriculum will be taught by exceptional teachers and and role-models, who will provide educationally-rich experiences; incorporating values, world history, current topics, future concerns, science, wellness and lifestyle habits, reading, writing, math and analytics.

Future generations of our world will gain valuable insight and skills, including integrity, responsibility, compassion, the sense of duty, the value of community, global-awareness.

Our goal is to provide the world’s children, through educationally-diverse experiences and culturally-rich interactions, the confidence, wisdom, and ability to make positive contributions to our world.

Please vote and help change the world!

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