„Change of plans“

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa! Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

You might remember that I actually planned to write about the blessings of serving others, but you know what, I also thought a thousand things how this placement with the UNITED SIKHS would be like, and non of them materialised 🙂
One day last week I was having lunch with my room mate and we were talking about future plans and in the middle of conversation he told me a little joke. He asked me: “ Do you know how you can make God laugh?” And he answered himself: “Make a plan!” ..and right he is.
I created a habit of making plans for the day each morning before starting to work and guess what happened during the last week of my placement.. it came different!
And I think I know why: Because we are so used to make our plans according to what we want and God keeps on changing them according to what we need. If I only knew myself… 😀
I let you know what happens! Enjoy your week!

Yours truthfully,

Pritam Singh
Civil and Human Rights Intern

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