“Tiar – Bertiar”

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa! Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

„Tiar- Bertiar. Do you know what that means?“ Mejindarpal Kaur asked me during the information hour on the first day of my UNITED SIKHS internship. And of course I didn’t; I’m a German Sikh coming to London to learn more about Sikhi and to learn Punjabi as well, how could I?! „It means: Eveready!“, she said. Now, what does it mean to me, I thought, to be more than ready. But, as you know, the Guru has his own way of revealing things: I heard the answer while working for the UNITED SIKHS. Actually, this time it wasn’t difficult, to be honest, because the work was the answer itself.
Seeing all the different cases where Sikhs are not allowed to righteously live according to their faith, recognising all the human rights violations that are happening around the world, not only to Sikhs. These insights clearly opened my eyes and touched my heart. “I have to be forever and always ready to serve those in need” I said to myself and I was already thinking of ways to cut down on my hours of sleep… In fact, that’s what I’m already doing in order to write on this blog.
However, I already know what I am going to write about next time, but I do need your help: What is the right Gurmukhi/ Punjabi phrase for “it is a blessing to serve”?

Yours truthfully,

Pritam Singh
Civil and Human Rights Intern

PS: Let me know if I made some mistakes, I guess I still have to work on my English as well.

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