Upcoming Inter-faith Events

Upcoming Interfaith Conferences and Events:

Here are just a few of the upcoming conferences and other interfaith events this year:

– URI (United Religions Initiative) North American Regional Assembly “The Year of Reconciliation with Self, Others and World,” May 7-10, Asheville, NC, USA, www.uri.org/na. For more information, contact: Margi Ness, Regional Coordinator, mness@uri.org

– URI Interfaith Youth Leadership Retreat, San Francisco, CA, USA, :June 12-14, Anubhuti Retreat Center, USA, www.ga08youth.com/events.aspx For more information, contact: Sarah Talcott, URI Youth Programs Director, stalcott@uri.org Phone: 1-415-561-2300.

NAIN Connect 2009: “Experiencing the Spirit in Education: The Challenge of Religious Pluralism”, June 25-28, Kansas City, MO, USA, www.nain.org

Religions for Peace is organising The Summit of Asian Religious Leaders on Disarmament for Shared Security to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 10-11 July 2009. For more info, invitation and registration please Contact the UNITED SIKHS main office or Religions for Peace- Disarmament Program Coordinator, Ms. Allison Pytlak (apytlak@wcrp.org) , tel +1-212-687-2163, fax +1-212-983-0566), last date May 10, 2009.
Religions for Peace- www.wcrp.org

– Interfaith Youth Core 6th Conference on Interfaith Youth Work “Leadership for a Religiously Diverse World,” October 25-27, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA, www.ifyc.org

The Parliament of World Religions:

The 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions is fast approaching and the Youth Program is moving full steam ahead. Featuring four elements, the Youth Program will include:

  • Five Daily Youth Sessions and Workshops exploring the environment, media, sport, the impact of displacement on indigenous people and generational issues;
  • Service Projects where you’ll be able to get involved in local Melbourne projects;
  • Youth Plenary to celebrate the achievements of young people;
  • After hours Coffee House where coffee, entertainment, fun and networking will be on the menu.

Imagine young people from all corners of the globe, from all kinds of faith traditions, with so many different stories to share, all together in one place for seven days. This will be the 2009 Parliament experience!

For more information please visit www.parliamentofreligions.org

The World March:
World March will begin in New Zealand on October 2, 2009, the anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, declared the “International Day of Nonviolence” by the United Nations. It will conclude in the Andes Mountains (Punta de Vacas, Aconcagua, Argentina) on January 2, 2010. The March will last 90 days, three long months of travel. It will pass through all climates and seasons, from the hot summer of the tropics and the deserts, to the winter of Siberia. The American and Asian stages will be the longest, both almost a month. A permanent base of a hundred people of different nationalities will complete the journey.  You can read more at http://www.theworldmarch.org/index.php

Check out the map to see if its coming to your city and also contact the national co-ordinators to find out how you could take part, and more about the march specific to India and South Asia at  www.worldwithoutwars.in
I will be attending some of the events, anyone interested in seeing us, feel free to reach me at : Anantdeep Singh 
Looking forward for your kind participation as Sikh representative at these events.
For more info and updates about Global Interfaith events please send in your queries to:
contact@unitedsikhs.org or mail to Anantdeep Singh (Youth Program Associate)

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