GHANAIA Asian Earthquake Relief

Bulletin Archive 2005


London Students Join Schoolbag Appeal for Bagh Schoolchildren
December 19, 2005
When 12-year old Amir Khan opens his new schoolbag in his tented make-shift school in Quake-hit Bagh next week, he will be smiling at the cuddly toy that 12 year-old Aman Singh packed into the schoolbag...


PR—UNITED SIKHS meet with UN in Quake-Affected Pakistan
November 26, 2005
UNITED SIKHS joined a humanitarian coalition established by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and met with United Nations officials and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the…
PR—UNITED SIKHS Brings Smiles to Quake Childrens' Faces
November 20, 2005
UNITED SIKHS volunteers yesterday provided trauma relief and a welcome break from pain and loneliness to children who are being treated for injuries, after the Asian earthquake left many of…
PR—UNITED SIKHS Delivers Medical Aid to Quake Victims in Battgram, Pakistan
November 15, 2005
Garhi Habib Ullah, North West Frontier, Pakistan: UNITED SIKHS helped distribute much needed medical supplies last week (9th Nov) to earthquake survivor's in a camp in Battgram, Pakistan. A base camp was also set up in…
PR—UNITED SIKHS Finds 500 Families in Poonch (Kashmir) Still Waiting For Quake Relief Aid
November 13, 2005
In the continuing effort to provide relief to Asian Quake survivors, UNITED SIKHS volunteers travelled to the Poonch district and found that relief aid had not reached this area, where 95% of…
PR—UNITED SIKHS Provides More Devastated Kashmir Villages With Building Material to Build Shelter Homes
November 08, 2005
The UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA relief team supplied building material to 36 Sikh and 17 Muslim families in Tribuni and Simbulpura villages of Tangdhar last week. "It is the…
PR—UNITED SIKHS 'Adopts' 170 Families to Construct Their Shelter Homes in 7 Devastated Villages in Kashmir (India)
November 01, 2005
With winter ahead, people in the mountain villages eagerly look for more help from relief agencies. UNITED SIKHS has identified 170 Sikh families and several others who are in dire need of shelter homes in the…


PR—UNITED SIKHS Provides Blanket Relief to Earthquake Survivors Who Have Not Received Any Other Help
October 20, 2005
Two aftershocks dealt another blow to the earthquake survivors grappling to stand on their feet. These shocks disrupted relief effort in the earthquake-affected areas in Indian occupied Kashmir. This however, did not stop a team of three intrepid…
PR—170 Sikh Homes And Historic Gurdwara Destroyed By The Asian Quake
October 15, 2005
About 170 Sikh families have lost their homes and several Gurdwaras (Sikh place of worship), including the historic Parampila Gurdwara, were destroyed by the earthquake, the UNITED SIKHS GHANAIA relief team discovered…
PR—Quake Survivors With Crush Injuries Still Waiting for Treatment After Five Days
October 13, 2005
Thousands of survivors with crush injuries wait for treatment five days after the Asian earthquake left at least 40,000 dead and millions homeless. Whilst food and medicine have started to arrive, there are no…
PR—UNITED SIKHS Mobilises GHANAIA Relief Teams to South Asian Earthquake Regions
October 11, 2005
UNITED SIKHS has deployed GHANAIA earthquake relief teams in the affected areas of both India and Pakistan. A GHANAIA earthquake relief base camp has been set up in Uri, Kupwara district, the affected area on the…
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