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Anti-Bullying Campaign (ABC)

Removing Bullying From Our Vocabulary

The Anti-Bullying Campaign at UNITED SIKHS is a two-fold national campaign aiming to proactively assist Sikh victims of bullying while educating non-Sikh students about Sikhism. The campaign has successfully been launched by volunteers and staff in different regions who have been going to Gurudwaras to teach Sikh students how to cope with and handle bullying through topics of mental health, statistics (such as how 69% of Sikh students in the U.S. are being bullied), and resources.

In these presentations, students stand up and speak on their personal experiences with bullying, how it made them feel, and how they would handle it if they had the information they have now. Students are also given an opportunity to report their current situation with a bully and we provide one-on-one guidance on how to move forth.

Presentations on Sikhism are also made at schools across the country to proactively educate non-Sikh students about Sikhism to avoid future cases of bullying. Presentations explain the articles of faith, their significance, and the importance of treating others the way one would want to be treated. These presentations are also being given to libraries as a resource.

This proactive and reactive campaign hopes to address the shockingly vast percentage of Sikhs being bullied, one city at a time. It is vital for parents and their children to step outside of the shadows and speak up about their experiences, learn how to handle bullying, and proudly blend into society without compromising Sikhi principles. See more about our campaign in our brochure here.

We encourage schools, teachers, parents, and community members to utilize our resources below, conduct presentations in local schools or Gurudwaras, and give these presentations to county libraries and other local avenues where we can spread our Anti-Bullying Campaign.


Anti-Bullying Presentations for Schools:

  • - For Elementary and Middle School Students, download here.
  • - For High School and College Students, download here.

Anti-Bullying Presentations for Sikh Gurudwaras and Gatherings:

  • - For Elementary and Middle School Students, download here.
  • - For High School and College Students, download here.

UNITED SIKHS Youth Engagement and Anti-Bullying Initiatives:

ABC Gurudwara Workshops (2014):

"The presentation showed us that we aren't alone and others are going through this. It also showed that there are resources out there to help and that UNITED SIKHS is always there to help us." - Amrit Kaur, 12-years-old.

"I thought it was a really great way to show us how to tell if we ourselves are being bullied, but also how to help our friends if they are the ones being bullied." - Sunreet Kaur, 14-years-old.

- August 11, 2014: Hicksville Gurudwara, Hicksville, NY (100 attendees)
- November 22, 2014: Baba Makhan Shah Lubhana Gurudwara, Richmond Hill, New York (200 attendees)
- December 7, 2014: Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Fairfax, Virginia (150 attendees)
- December 7, 2014: Nanak Naam Jahaz Gurudwara, Jersey City, New Jersey (200 attendees)
- December 21, 2014: Sikh Center of Virginia Gurudwara, Manassas, Virginia (50 attendees)

Youth Engagement Initiatives (2014):

Anti-Bullying Initiative (2012):

"Sikh Youth Voices Promoting Diversity - A Video Contest: Share Your Story about Sikh Culture and Your Experiences Standing Up to Bullying"

The goal of the Sikh Youth Voices video contest was to create more awareness and understanding of Sikh culture and to help schools create more welcoming and inclusive environments that are free of bullying.

UNITED SIKHS and Not In Our School proudly shared student-made videos on our websites for use in classrooms across the country and the world. We believe that building, understanding and creating awareness of Sikh culture as well as solutions to bullying will help make schools safer and more inclusive for all students. Sharing stories through the voices of Sikh youth is a wonderful way to make that happen.

We sought seeking youth-made videos that shared the following:

  • Sikh culture
  • Experiences on being Sikh and propose ways to make environments more welcoming
  • Build awareness about bullying of Sikh youth with concrete solutions, for example, an example of being bullied and what you did to resolve it or what you think you should have done to resolve it

We selected three winners in each category.

UNITED SIKHS Bullying Prevention Initiative (2010):

In 2010, UNITED SIKHS undertook four projects to identify the impact of bullying on Sikh children:
1) Bullying Prevention Survey;
2) Youth Needs Assessment Focus Group;
3) Global Sikh Civil & Human Rights Survey 2010; and
4) Anti-Bullying Truth Commission.

The goal of these projects was to illuminate the pervasiveness of bullying in the Sikh community and the importance of addressing bullying as a civil rights issue.

Link :

Sikh Awareness Project (2009):

The Sikh Awareness Project is a series of specially designed, age-appropriate presentations to educate school children, faculty, college-age students, law enforcement, governmental and non-governmental professionals, and the general public about the Sikh faith, the distinct appearance of Sikhs, and discrimination faced by Sikhs. The main aim of the project is to increase awareness about Sikhs in the society that we interact with everyday, and promote the understanding about who Sikhs are.

Link :

School Incident (2007):

Sikh student whose hair was forcibly cut at the hands of a classmate in May 2007

Link :


UNITED SIKHS is a U.N.-affiliated, international non-profit, non-governmental,humanitarian relief, human development and advocacy organization.UNITED SIKHS has initiated projects to illuminate the pervasiveness of bullying in the Sikh community, the importance of addressing bullying at all levels, and working together through increased awareness to create tolerant and inclusive communities. You can reach UNITED SIKHS via email at and phone at 888-243-1690.