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Since September 11, the world has been gripped by a fear such that many minority communities, including the Sikhs, have suffered a backlash through mis-information and ignorance. The first reprisal killing after Sept 11 was of a Turban wearing Sikh who was mistaken as belonging to the group which perpetrated the 9/11 incident. Sikhs due to their unique appearance have since been a target of hate and bias crime and discrimination. Every week, UNITED SIKHS receives reports from Sikh adults and children who are victims of race/biased/hate crimes and those being denied their rights to practice their religion. A Sikh's right to wear his articles of faith has been challenged in schools, the workplace, Prisons and other public places. Sikhs suffer increased harassment at airports because they wear the Turban. UNITED SIKHS provides advice, counsel and legal representation to those whose legal rights are being denied by errant and mis-informed authorities and the public. A critical aspect of UNITED SIKHS' advocacy work is to create an awareness of the issues amongst authorities and the public through talks, seminars and multifaith events.

If you, or anyone you know, has been denied any civil and human rights, please do not hesitate to contact a UNITED SIKHS office nearest to you.


External Link Icon Underwear issues
Forbidden to wear his underwear, a Sikh prisoner in New York has not been eating for six months.
December 10, 2005
External Link Icon Charges dropped against Sikh student in USA
Mr Sukhpreet Singh, a student of Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (USA), managed to get a reprieve for wearing kirpan in the university campus.
December 05, 2005
External Link Icon Sikh student acquitted of charges of carrying kirpan
A 23-year-old Wayne State University student, who was arrested for carrying a kirpan, or a small knife on the university campus under the Detroit Knife.
December 05, 2005
External Link Icon A Sikh Thanksgiving in Queens
The Sikh community of New York City hosted a thanksgiving feast for local religious leaders, the NYPD, court officials, and a representative of the DA's office, hoping to initiate a program of hospitality and patriotism.
December 01, 2005
External Link Icon Lawsuit filed for rights violation of Sikh prisoner in NY
A lawsuit has been filed in a federal court in Manhattan to enforce the religious freedom of a Sikh prisoner who has been on a liquid diet since June to protest alleged rights violations.
December 01, 2005
External Link Icon Met Police Visits London Gurdwara; Memo Presented
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair visited the Sikh community at Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar, in east London Friday, July 15, 2005. Sir Ian Blair earlier urged Muslims to 'seize the moment' of the terror attacks on London to engage actively in counter-terrorism when he earlier visited a mosque in east London. …
July 18, 2005


Guilty Verdicts for NY Sikhs’ Assailants
A long-awaited guilty verdict was returned on Monday for the five men who attacked 49-year-old Rajinder Singh Khalsa over a year ago in the Queens area of New York
December 8, 2005
US Prosecutor Drops Charges for Wearing Kirpan
UNITED SIKHS, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan, and attorney Mike Gibbs successfully persuaded a City of Detroit prosecutor to drop charges last month against Sukhpreet Singh…
December 04, 2005
UNITED SIKHS Files Law Suit to End Sikh Religious Rights Violations in NY Prison
UNITED SIKHS and the law firm of O'Melveny & Myers LPP filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court a fortnight ago to enforce a Sikh prisoner's right to practise his religion and to ensure that Sikh prisoners have the same…
November 30, 2005
American Sikh Consultative Forum Seeks Redress on Sikh Issues from NY City Agencies
The American Sikh Consultative Forum (ASCF) submitted on Wednesday a memorandum to New York City Agencies seeking redress on issues faced by Sikhs living in New York City. The memorandum was handed at a…
October 14, 2005
UNITED SIKHS urges Bloomberg to step-up awareness training
UNITED SIKHS has urged Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City to step up awareness training for law enforcement and other public agencies to ensure that the humiliating experience of UK Sikh tourists is not repeated.…
July 28, 2005
Met Police: Sikhs Vulnerable to Backlash to London Bombings
The Metropolitan Police admitted that the Sikh community is particularly vulnerable to backlash crimes in the aftermath of the London bombings because of their visibility and that this is a police concern. …
July 14, 2005
Sikhs Meet Police Tomorrow to Step-up Security Following Backlash to London Bombings
The Sikh community will meet the Metropolitan police at New Scotland Yard tomorrow (Tuesday) to seek the stepping up of security measures to protect the Sikh community and its Gurdwaras from the backlash to the…
July 11, 2005
Sikh Schoolgirl Rejects School's Decision to Weld Her Kirpan to the Sheath
A 16 year old Sikh school girl has rejected her school's decision to allow her to wear her Kirpan only if it is welded shut to the sheath. Fortunately for her, she will not have to face the consequences of the school's…
July 02, 2005
UPDATE: Arrest Made in Davinder Singh Case
Richmond Hill, New York - The NYPD have made an arrest in the Davinder Singh case, bringing it one step closer to final justice. As reported earlier, 15-year-old Davinder Singh of Bayside High School was called a…
June 28, 2005
NY Sikh Student Assaulted On School Grounds: After Being Called a 'terrorist'
Richmond Hill, NY - Davinder Singh, a 15-year-old student of Bayside High School, was assaulted, called a 'terrorist' and threats to kill made against him and his family by a classmate's …
June 07, 2005
New Jersey Radio Station Makes On-air Apology for Racial Slurs and Agrees to Provide Staff Training on Cultural Awareness
A month long effort to obtain reconciliation over inflammatory comments by NJ 101.5 FM came to a satisfactory close on May 25, 2005, one month after inflammatory comments were made by two…
May 30, 2005
UNITED SIKHS Joins Asian Pacific Organizations to Denounce Hate Remarks on the Radio
Ewing, NJ, USA - UNITED SIKHS joined a group representing the Asian Pacific, Arab, and other American minorities to condemn the recent racist remarks by two radio hosts on a New Jersey radio station. …
May 16, 2005
UNITED SIKHS Meets with an Array of Organizations
UNITED SIKHS Legal Director Harpreet Singh was invited to attend meetings with the following organizations: [1] US Commission on Religious Freedom, [2] Helsinki Commission, an organisation that monitors…
May 06, 2005
UNITED SIKHS Helps New York Sikh Student Regain Right to Wear his Kirpan to School
Westchester County, New York—Despite 15 year old Amandeep Singh's exemplary academic and disciplinary records, he was suspended from his New York state Greenburgh Central School last …
March 16, 2005
Belgian Police: Yes for Swiss Knife No for Sikh Kirpan on Eurostar
London—A Sikh woman who had her Kirpan confiscated by Belgian police as she was checking in to travel on the Eurostar train to London today was told that her article of faith was a prohibited weapon whereas…
March 07, 2005
UNITED SIKHS Legal and Advocacy Directorate: Update of Initiatives
UNITED SIKHS Legal and Advocacy Director, Attorney Harpreet Singh, was invited to give a seminar to various law enforcement agencies at the Detroit Metro Airport in order to educate and raise awareness about the Sikh faith and…
February 05, 2005
Sikh Men Attacked in an Alleged Bias Crime
Queens, NY – UNITED SIKHS is currently investigating an alleged bias crime that occurred in Queens (Richmond Hill), NY. The victim, 54 year old Rajinder Singh Khalsa, was walking to the …
July 12, 2004
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